One of my sons has a large chicken coop and it is near his property line.  On the other side there are blackberries and brush.  His kids often feed the chickens and food gets left in their feeders.  Now he has a rat problem.  His first attempt at eradicating them was to put out poison.  This killed some rats but a side effect was that his dog ate one and had to visit the vet.  So no more poison.  He put rattraps out all around the coop.  The result was the traps tripped and no dead rats.

By now, he was becoming frustrated so he dug a hole and put a large trashcan in it.  The top was level with ground and he covered this with a sheet of plywood with a hole in the center.  He then put chicken feed in the bottom of the can.  For the next couple of days he fed the chickens himself and kept the leftover food to a minimum.  After two days, he checked his trap and found it full of rats.  He then put a lid on the can and inserted a garden hose and turned it on.  The result was 15 dead rats.  It has been over a week and no more rats have entered the trap.

Now he and his young son have resorted to baiting the rats with chicken feed and shooting them with a pellet gun.  This has proved effective; they have killed over 50 rats.  But now the surviving rats are getting smarter and harder to shoot.

The results of the underground trap

There are a few things to learn from this.  Be careful with your chicken feed, it is a lot easier to prevent the problem than to solve it.  Rats are smart and learn quickly.  If anybody has any ideas sent them to us and we will let you know how they work.


4 thoughts on “Rats”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    I really like that handgun ratshot too. The 44 ya gotta watch cause it will make a hole in a coop wall LOL. I prefer the 22 ratshot but it wont cycle my rifle or 22 auto pistol.
    Use a fresh bucket or wash it well because they can smell “the trap”.

  2. Practical Parsimony

    Maybe you can repel them by placing urine around the area. Dogs can be led there to go. Guys can pee there, directly if there is no one to see. Used cat litter around the area? Any kind of predator urine will work. Animals will ignore their extreme fear if food is present. Make a box rat trap with a ramp and hole in the top. You can move this often, rub it down with good smelling stuff and rats will take the bait even though it is the same trap.

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