Don’t Forget About the Babies

Hello all, this is Jen again.  I told my dad he needs to add some things for people with children, so he asked me to write something up.  I am a mom of 5 kids and so I feel it is also very important to store extra things for babies and kids.

Who wants to be trapped with a baby and no diapers or formula?  I know I don’t.  So in my storage I have always felt it is important to store Diapers, wipes, and formula.  I’ll admit I don’t use cloth diapers, (I know not the best), plus I haven’t been able to breastfeed, But my kids are healthy and happy.

It seems like sometimes we just go on with our days and buy as we need the items, but I feel it’s very important to have a good supply.  Even if you just buy an extra pack or two now and then.  I have heard of so many women that have had their husbands stop and buy formula or diapers on their way home from work.  I love knowing I can just go downstairs and grab it.  I know my husband appreciates it.  You just have to be sure to keep buying extra as you use it, so keep stocked up on them and  rotate the formula.  I have about 6 months worth of diapers for each kid (two in diapers now), wipes and the amount of formula until my son is a year old.  (He’s 8 months)

It’s also vitally important to have those items in a 72 hour kit (bug out kit) as well.  I know that a lot of women breastfeed, which I think is great.  But what happens if you are out running errands or at work and something happens to where you can’t get home, such as an earthquake, car accident, flood or any other disaster.  I think everyone with a baby should have a least a can of formula and a bottle for such an emergency.  I know that a hungry baby would add so much more stress in a already stressful situation.  I would hate for a baby to go hungry.  If you don’t need it within that year then you can say “yeah” and if the expiration date is still good donate it.

My little guy is starting to sleep through the night more, and my older kids start school soon.  So I have many more ideas to post.  If you have any ideas for; “Don’t forget about Babies”  let me know. I have plenty of ideas.  I know am not the only mom who is into preparedness.

One last thought that just came to me.  All of this would be a great idea for those grandparents out there that watch their grandchildren or have them over for any period of time. Be sure to stock the items that they use and eat. As they outgrow them, donate them if still good or even if you have to throw it out, it is a good investment.



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2 Responses to Don’t Forget About the Babies

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    As I traveled with the Green Machine in my younger days the plight of children is what hurt the most. I learned to deal with other atrocities and family issues of deployments but I never got over what I saw in the kids. Babies are the most precious thing there is in this world and turn even the most hardend hearts.
    What you suggest doing with aging items is great!

  2. judy says:

    Cloth diapers and diaper pins, diaper rash cream, teething gel, clothes and shoes in larger sizes….I’m a grandma….and love it!

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