Rice and Beans

beans and riceYes, beans and rice are going to be what a lot of use will end up eating once you eat all the favorite food that you like.  Especially the children, they will want what is familiar to them.  But you need to start incorporating some of the things you have in storage now. Even us as adults have likes and dislikes on foods.  Okra has been on my list but I tried them dried and wow very tasty.  The following articles will be on recipes for Mexican food.  You have to admit Native Americans and Mexicans were cooking on camp fires a long time before stoves .You didn’t see them starving because they didn’t have the proper equipment.  An open fire and the pots for cooking was all they needed.

How many of you have actually canned beans?  Have many of you actually cooked beans? (We had a middle-aged woman ask us how to cook beans the other day).  Our children were born in the can and fast food generation.  Ask them to cook refried beans and rice and they look at you like “what”.  Even some parents don’t know.

Cooked Beans

2 cups red kidney or pinto beans
Salt to taste
½ cup or more of lard or comparable amount of bacon fat

Soak beans overnight with enough water to cover them.  In the morning, some of the water will have been absorbed so add enough to cover.  Add the salt and cook for 11/2 to 2 hours or until very tender.  Mash the beans well and add the melted fat Simmer until all the fat is absorbed by the beans, stirring frequently to prevent sticking or burning.

Variations for refried beans

Tomato and Onion; Sauté a small minced onion in some hot oil, lard or bacon grease, what ever you have and mix 8 tablespoons of tomato paste and 8 tablespoons of hot chili powder.  When onion is very soft, add to the beans and cook until heated through.


Take the mashed beans straight from the basic pot.  And fry them in some oil as you would refried beans.  As they are sautéing slowly in the pan, add mild grated cheese such as Cheddar or any cheese you like.  If you are trying different cheeses do a small amount first to see if you like it.  I mix Spanish rice and beans together, add a few raw onions and cheese for a quick snack.  Remember this meal can be made on a campfire, quick and filling.
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5 Responses to Rice and Beans

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I also store spices because beans n rice after oh the first meal without spice stinks. Everything we store should be rotated into regular meals so we arent throwing anything out and we know how to cook it and what “it” taste like. If you have to much for rotations consider donations to feed less fortunate thru churches, homeless shelters etc.
    Another thing on cooking these is I see/hear a lot of solar cooker “experts”. One should really try that backup method you have because rice is hard enough, beans, well it was 110 in July and it wasnt hot enough for long enough with my homemade model. Maybe them canned beans will work but them dry ones won’t. Those take fire!

  2. admin says:

    I agree you have to try things, there is a learning curve to almost everything. Keep try with the beans and the solar oven. we have been able to do it. How old were the beans? Did you soak them first? Did you have a thermometer in the stove and how hot did it get? The type of pot you use can also make a big difference. Sometimes a few little changes will make a big difference.

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      It wasnt a storebought solar cooker, I was trying one of those car window suncreen methods. The only way I was able to accomplish it with that was by the added use of a fresnal lens to get the heat up to 150-170. It seemed that the larger amount of water n beans absorbed more than the suncreen method produced. It was good with a 1/2 bottle of water which got to 150 but the black pot with about 1litre of beans n water was to much. I had full sun and all day. It was just for me to learn and not just go by the internet gurus say so. Rice was easier but still took a long time.

      • admin says:

        Mine is homemade but the box type and I have reached about 225 degrees. I have seen homemade and store bought ones go higher. The window screens one I have seen in use reached higher temps than yours, but they put the pot in oven cooking bags. That seen to help, but to me destroyed part of the usefulness by being dependent on the availability of the bags.

  3. SLHaynes says:

    Umm, I love to eat rice and beans! The only time of the year I can cook them is winter. Houston is too hot for me to cook them in the summer or warmer seasons. Canning the beans though, is a good option for the hot period. I like to use a slow cooker to brew up a batch of beans and rice. I soak all night, as stated in the instructions. After that, I add fresh heated water in the slow cooker and a pound of salt pork (my personal favorite), onions and other seasoning. After the beans come to a boil, I turn down the slow cooker to simmer about five hours. I then add more heated water about thirty minutes before adding a cup of uncooked brown rice to the cooker. One hour later, presto, great rice and beans! Just add fresh baked corn bread for a great satisfying meal!

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