Salad dressing and Various Foods

I have been looking for dressings that have just a few ingredients in it. Since we will be limited on products on hand olive oilin an emergency, I think I have found one that I like. Also you will be getting your daily good oil besides. We all need good oils everyday to keep us regular, but it’s hard to just eat a spoonful. So I hope that this will help with one of those “what do I put on vegetables or salad”.

  • Oil dressing
  • Pour the following over salad greens or vegetables
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • Put into one of those bottles for mixing dressings or Mason jar
  • Before serving you can grate some;
  • Fresh lemon peel
  • Fresh grated pepper
  • Fresh Parmesan cheese
  • Or
  • What you prefer on the salad or vegetables.

We all need to start eating healthy and getting use to using the grains we have in storage.  We have been using rolled rye, rolled spelt, rolled oats and quinoa a lot lately and they are really good.  The rolled grain we have been cooking for cereal in the morning and quinoa in exchange for rice or potato.  The quinoa stuffed peppers are great but my husband prefers a little meat with his, so you just have to experiment and see what floats with your family

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