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For the past week or so, I have been scared to walk into the kitchen.  Everything that goes in there gets canned, dried or vacuum sealed.  My wife has been very busy preserving food.  Because of the drought and every indication that there will be a big increase in food prices, she has stored more than normal.

One of her favorite things is to use the FoodSaver to vacuum seal mason jars.  It is a great way to preserve things like spices; she even stores crackers and all types of dried foods in the jars.  The lids can be popped off and reused.  Her machine sits on the counter and she uses it every day and it saves us money.  Now I know it is only useful as long as we have electricity, but some of the spices and dried foods she stores will last for a long time after the power goes out.

She has even made a YouTube Video on how to use the FoodSaver.


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  1. There is talk you can use a brake vacuum pump (for bleeding brake lines on cars) to create a vacuum and use with the food saver mason jar adapter. The ones on Amazon have mixed reviews. If anyone tries this, don’t use it for food if it has been used to do brakes.

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