Shortages of Food and Preparedness Supplies

Yesterday I spent part of the day talking to suppliers of various food and food preparedness items (grain mills and camping stoves).  I was amazed at what I found out.  Almost everybody was either short of stock or just plain out.  The companies I spoke to had a wait time of a month or longer.

With all that is going on in our economy I would encourage you not to wait any longer, but stock up and get what you can.  When you purchase dehydrated or freeze dried foods, ask the dealer if any of the food products came from China.  The Chinese are currently selling bulk freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables into the United States.  There is also a brand of MREs on the market named RationZ and the companies address is located in China. I do not recommend the Chinese products.

Freezedryguy who has a link on my site (located on the right side) is a very reputable company and I order from them myself.  I have known the owner for over 30 years and do not hesitate to recommend him or his company.  You can trust the products he sells as being US produced and the finest available.  He has a selection of food, first aid kits and other preparedness items in stock.  Freezedryguy will be one of the first to have Mountain House back in stock.  Get your food and supplies now.


12 thoughts on “Shortages of Food and Preparedness Supplies”

  1. i have a real problem with buying anything made/produced by anyone or anywhere that is not american/usa made. that is a big part of our crisis right now with jobs….please encourage folks to shop for american made products first!

    1. is located in CA. I believe the writer was intending on recommending us not to buy from China, but to buy from the US. It just wasn’t very clear.

  2. After China put plastic into their dog food and human food, I don’t know why anyone with any sense at all would buy any food product from China. I want American grown food! As far as fresh food goes, if it’s not in season we don’t eat it fresh. The only food we eat that’s not American grown are bananas.

  3. A veteran who is preparing

    I and my wife have been looking at the local stores for canned meats to supplement our other storage items. We have noticed that everyone has been out of canned corned beef for a few months now, in particular Hormel brand (most common on the shelf here). Whenever the supermarket does get some in it disappears in a couple days (with most of it going to us). We already know about Mountain House and their huge contract to the Feds (but not admitted publicly). Is it possible they are also stocking up on other items like the canned corned beef? Anyone else noticing this?

    1. caryn verell

      get yourself a home canner/pressure canner and can your own meat…it really is very easy to do as long as you follow the directions and you will spend a whole lot less doing it yourself. of course you will have that initial cost of the canner and jars and lids, but those are all reuseable. also, you can just open a jar and eat without cooking if you have to cause it is already cooked, seasoned etc…

      1. A veteran who is preparing

        Our food stores include Freeze-Drieds, home Dehydrated, home canned, military and civilian MREs, grocery items, and garden. We are planning on getting bulk grains this year. This gives us a variety for use and giving away.

        Note on canning lids, the metal ones are NOT reusable. Only the Tattler plastic ones are (that we have found so far). I just wanted to clarify that in case someone gets confused.

        Our question still is, has anyone else noticed canned corned beef not being on the shelves over the last few months in their area? We have noticed it at multiple supermarkets and smaller stores in our area.

        1. I have not noticed a shortage of corned beef in our area in fact just bought some. But now I will be watching next time I go to the store. You are right about the Tattler canning lids, have had good luck with them

  4. caryn verell

    it is not just china that screws up on food items…and takes away jobs. here in n.e. mississippi i have found that alot of fresh produce is coming in from mexico and is costing as much if not more than that of local produce. we live in the sweet potato capital of the world and so i do know where those spuds come from. i havenoticed also that produce quality in many stores is quite poor this year. and pickings are slim too.

  5. caryn verell

    sorry i did’nt mention the lids being a one time use. tattler lids are reuseable, as well as the rubber rings that come with them…but you must be careful to read and understand the instructions carefully while using them. the number one cause of failure for any lid to not seal though is a chipped inspect those jars before canning and you will save alot of work and expense. mississippi has more than enough canned corn beef on store shelves at this time. the things that northeast miss. is short on is simple dehydrated foods like eggs..cannot find them anywhere, while i am hearing and reading that some walmarts and grocery stores elsewhere are in stocking and selling them.

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