Some tips on how to save food with your FoodSaver

Occasional we taste test various freeze dried and dehydrated  foods.  Since many of them come in #10 cans and there are only two of us, we end up with left overs.  If you leave them in the can with a plastic lid in place they will last for several months.  But some things we may want to keep longer, so my wife has been experimenting with different ways of preserving the left overs.

One of the things that she has been doing is to assemble them into meals in a jar.  These can be given to others to try or just use when you want a quick meal.  The following you-tube shows how she does it and gives some tips on sealing the jars.


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One Response to Some tips on how to save food with your FoodSaver

  1. Hangtown Frank says:

    Thanks Howard for this useful info.

    The video gave me an additional idea. That is – one could do as your wife does and then store the small containers of dehydrated goodies for gifts to folks in need after disasters or use them yourself for camping.

    Hangtown Frank

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