Squirreling Away Food for Winter

You need to preserve the summer harvest.

Canning rhubarb and black berry juice

Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your summer and the heat. I am not a fan of the heat so I have been inside making my own steam.  With my new 30 qt pressure cooker and new set of knifes my husband gave me for my Birthday. I had my own sauna going for three days and now am marking and packaging the results. (Adding to inventory also)

The past few days I have been chopping, canning, vacuuming and drying. If you stood in my kitchen to long, you may have ended up in a jar.  So the fruits of my labor were, canning meats: Pork, Beef and Chicken. Our grocery store had specials on these items, so I loaded up. I have 1/1/2 cases of Pork, Beef and 2 cases of chicken.

Canning meat

I even made some pepper jelly, have a few thank you gifts to get so decide to make it jelly. I made a yellow one that is clear made with Serrano peppers and yellow sweet bell peppers. (This one you had to strain so it took a while to make) A green in color one with jalapeno peppers and a red one that has red bell peppers and serrano peppers. I didn’t strain this one, so if it doesn’t set you can just pour on top of a cream or soft cheese of your choice and serve with crackers.  All of these recipes take at least 6 cups of sugar and l or 2 packets of liquid pectin.

During all of this we were given 7 gallons of blackberry juice and I also went to the farm and got 10 pounds of rhubarb. I kept 3 gallons of juice and canned it for later use. I cooked the rhubarb and canned it for strawberry pie, cobblers or just mixed with fruit for a quick dessert. And not to be left out, my husband is making sauerkraut.  He’s first batch we canned and have enjoyed several jar already, it is great. I have a salt restriction so he keeps the salt down in the recipe and it comes out just fine

In the next couple of days I will put up the recipes I used for all my canning. Now am drying lemons, bell peppers, tomatoes and next are some vegetables from our friend’s farm.

Berries are almost ripe so that will be good for canning and jam, plus plum jam. My family is crazy about the jam.

Preparedness Mom

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