Store Canned Foods that have Multiple Uses

One thing we have tried to do in our food storage is to stock items that store well and are versatile.  A good example is spam.  Hormel says that it will last indefinitely unless the cans are punctured or damaged.  They do state that after the best use date there may be changes in taste and loss of nutrition.  In my experience, this takes many years before a change in taste is noticeable.

Now I know that not everybody likes spam, personally I do.  However, span can be used in a large variety of ways.  It can be eaten cold right out of the can or cooked.  You can use it in almost anything from stews to adding it to macaroni and cheese.  In Korea, they even use it for a kind of sushi.  It became popular over there after the Second World War.

A quick search on the internet will reveal a large number of recipes for different ways to cook it.  I even found a recipe for apple and span turnovers.  Spam is just an example of what I am talking about; there are other products that can be used in multiple ways.  Canned tuna and chicken are other good examples.

In the future, we will post some off our favorite recipes using either home or commercial canned foods. Writing about this has made me hungry and I am going to go and make myself a spam sandwich.



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5 Responses to Store Canned Foods that have Multiple Uses

  1. Art says:

    There is a speciality cookbook that has about one hundred recipes for SPAM in it available on ebay for about $5. There are speciality cookbooks for a lot of things, we have one for campbells soup, wild game, fish etc. Take Howards advice and look at garage sales, thrift stores and online to find cookbooks you are interested in. Church garage sales are a good place to find cookbooks. You can never have too many.

  2. Prepardness Mom says:

    ke4sky, thank you for the links, am always willing to try new things. And it’s readers like yourself that make that possible. Any more links,or ideas please pass them on.

  3. ke4sky says:

    No authoritative SPAM post is complete without the link to the famous Monty Python SPAM sketch, which I do hope you will appreciate in the good humor in which it is rendered:

    Multiple SPAM links:

    SPAM is fighting the War On Terror with our UK Coalition Allies, Bravo Zulu!–How-inventive-Army-chef-used-tinned-meat-feed-troops-SIX-WEEKS.html

  4. Bennie Fox says:

    Let’s be honest – we’re all busy! Sometimes it’s hard enough just to get dinner on the table, let alone to build up a year supply of food while we’re at it. Not to mention learning how to actually COOK with these new foods too! The best way to overcome a weakness is to try and turn it into a strength. As you learn more and more about using your food storage, come up with ways to make the most of your time WHILE using your food storage. – Learn to use your freezer , make extra of favorite meals, food storage meals, rolls, breads, etc. and freeze – Double your staple recipes and use them to make multiple items ( bread recipes can be used to make bread, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, pizza dough) – Use food storage as a time-saver and cook things ahead of time like pizza pockets or use pre-made smoothie mixes and other food storage mixes – Start to gradually learn skills and practice them when you have a chance. At least then you will know what to do if a situation arises where you need to start living off of food storage.

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