Storing meat without refrigeration

For most of history man has had to exist without refrigeration.  Today we are so dependent on our refrigerators, that most of us don’t have much understanding of how long common foods keep without it.
Take meat for example, country cured ham, dry cured in salt, smoked and aged form 3 months to a year keep practically indefinitely.  Since it has lost a lot of its water content it is essentially concentrated ham.  Just be sure that the hams you find are real country cured and not some imitation.

Hard salamis and other cured sausages are long lasting. Slab or side bacon, smoked with rind left on will keep for long periods.  That is what the pioneers took with them when they crossed the great plains.

Real jerky, dried fish are great storage items and are easy to make. A simple recipe for beef jerky is: start with very lean beef. Remove all the visible fat and cut into thin strips, maybe1 inch or so wide and no more than a ¼ inch thick.

Sprinkle it with a little salt or dip into soy sauce for more flavor. Now dry it in your dryer or in direct sun light until hard.  The harder the better if you intend to store it for long periods.  Protect it from flies and other insect while drying.

After it is dried, store it in sealed containers out of the heat and light.

You need to look around your area and find a real butcher shop that prepares meats by the old fashion methods for some easy to store items.  In the near future we intend to go post more about storing foods without refrigeration


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  1. I sure hope you do more about foods that require no refrigeration. And how to do them. Will sure appreciate it.

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