The Art of Prepping

There is an old kids joke, “how do you eat an elephant”.  Answer “one bite at a time”.  Prepping is sort of like this.  You just have to start.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you live, you can do something.  Start with food, water and shelter, the three basics.

I have been prepping more years than I care to think about and it still amazes me how much you can get inexpensively.  Every day we watch what goes on around us and it seems like we always find something.  Garage sales, auctions, flea markets, thrift stores and peoples trash are all good places to look.  Most of the things you find will not be earth shaking, but all the small things add up.  This last Saturday in a few minutes of looking, we found 8 large 12 inch candles for a dollar.  By itself, this is no big deal, except that we find candles every week or two and the totals add up.

It you can food, mason jars are easy to find in yard sales or just by asking around.  A short time ago one individual gave us ten cases of jars.  Look around your area and see if someone has an orchard they are not tending, maybe they will let you pick the fruit.  Make friends with some local farmer or dealers at the farmers markets.  You will be surprised at what gets thrown away or sold for cheap prices at the end of the day.  See if the farmers will let you glean their fields.Grow a garden.  Go to the library and read up on gardening.  Do research on various prepper websites.  Knowledge is something they can never take away from you.  Practice what you learn and develop your skills.

If you have money and can go out and buy everything you need that’s great, but most of us can’t.  So don’t give up or think it is too hard, just start eating the elephant.


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3 Responses to The Art of Prepping

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Glad to see this because way too many are feeling overwhelmed by theTV Preppers and the feeling that they are sooo far behind they can never get caught up. Relax, breath and make a plan, then slowly execute it and before you know it you will be there or as close as one can be because it’s a never ending lifestyle. The dollar store is your freind when starting out too.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks. The advice I can think of now is “seeds, tools, knowledge, health”. The shorter version is “Books, beans, and bullets”.
    I also recommend the book “Survivors” by Rawles.
    There are many aspects about community choosing and building that he brings to light and most people overlook, especially the scale which may be necessary for preppers to be successful beyond a month of canned foods. Just as we need to take steps for personal prepping, we can’t get overwhelmed (guilty!) by dealing with an oblivious community, and keep taking small steps to add to the community’s awareness, or even perhaps know what to look for in another one.

  3. Art says:

    I agree with Matt that the dollar store is your friend for prepping. Dollartree has Curad antibiotic cream with silver for $1. The same product is over $4 at Walmart. You can order online from most of the dollar stores also.
    The one book I would recommend for anyone interested in prepping is One Second After. If this book does not get you thinking and motivated nothing will. Much better written than any of Rawles books.

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