The Taste Test is Pending

Mountain House

The taste test are getting closer, samples have started to arrive. I have samples of Mountain House, Honeyville Farms, AlpineAire, Wise and couple of others on hand.  Samples of EfoodsDirect, Thrive/Shelf Reliance, Augason Farms and Provident Panty are reroute or pending.  We have chosen a panel consisting of three women and two men to conduct the test.  It will be a blind test in other words the judges will not know whose food they are grading.

Foods will be judged on three main criterias, texture, appearance and flavor.  These will be judged individually on a scale of one to ten.  At the end of the taste test, the scores will be totaled and the product will be given an overall  score.  The ease of preparation and calorie count per serving will then be discussed.


A full report of the results will be posted, it should be in about 10 days or so.


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2 Responses to The Taste Test is Pending

  1. ST says:

    Hello– Do you have a target date for when the Storage taste test will be completed/posted from all the vendors who sent samples?

  2. admin says:

    The first post on the taste tests will be tomorrow.

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