My Trip to the Ready Store

Ready StoreDuring my recent trip to Utah, I stopped by the Ready Store and had a long talk with one of their sales representatives.  They have a small outlet store at their headquarters and I like to take a look and see what is being discounted.  This time they had dent cans of Red Feather butter and Bega Cheese for a dollar a can.  We looked them over and found the ones with the least damage to the seams and purchased them.  At that price, I figured it was worth taking a chance on them,

The Ready Store had several brands of food on display including Mountain House and their own house brands, Saratoga Farms and easyprep buckets.

Ready storeThe Saratoga Farms food is packaged in #10 cans with oxygen absorbers.  I was told that while they do use TVP in some of their products, there is real meat in others.  You have to check the products individually.  They have discontinued the use of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods from China.  There rep stated that they get a lot of their fruit and vegetables from Mexico and South America.  I was given the chance to taste test some of the various Saratoga Farm products and found them to be acceptable.  Some things like the Pilot Cracker I found to be quite good.

The easyprep meals come in a bucket that was clearly marked as containing a one-month supply for one person.  It contains 236 servings in 24 pouches.  Be warned that many of the servings are only ¼ cup in size.  I broke the food down by calories and found that the bucket contained 31520 calories, which breaks down to 1050 calories a day.  With 236 servings in the bucket, this breaks down to 7.8 serving a day for 30 days.  Considering that the serving are all either 1/4 or 1/3 cup, this is not a lot of food per day. The menu is very limited and would get boring fast.

Ready Store

Here you can see the twenty four pouches

To me this is on the light side, especially since the amount of food you would consume would not be very filling.  If I decided to use these buckets, I would want something like rice and beans to supplement them.  This would give you more calories and bulk.  The easyprep bucket contains no meat; it uses TVP in some of the meals such as the chicken flavored rice.

The packaging appears to be well done, each individual pouch is Mylar and contains and oxygen absorber.  The outer bucket is of good quality and is well sealed.  I needed a screwdriver to open it.  It would be hard to open just with your hands.

Overall, I found the Ready Store easy to deal with.  My only problem was that I thought that their claim of one bucket per person per month was a bit over blown and they should tell you, you need to supplement it with other foods.  A thousand calories a day is a hard diet, you will lose weight.




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