Two Valuable items for Preserving Food

May be worth more than Gold

We have spent a lot of time learning how to preserve foods and as a result have come to the conclusion that most of us fail to store enough of two very important items.  I am talking about salt and sugar.  We have been keeping track of the amount of sugar that we use in canning fruits, making jams and jelly and preserving other foods.

We used to figure a hundred pounds of sugar would be enough for the two of us.  Based on our current usage this is not enough.

The same thing applies to salt.  We use salt for preserving meat, pickling and making sauerkraut.  If we had to preserve all our food by old-fashioned methods, our salt usage would greatly increase.  This would not necessarily increase our daily intake of salt because we would not be eating all the store bought foods that are heavily salted.

In a long-term disaster, both salt and sugar would be heavily in demand and would be great trading items.  Both are inexpensive and have an almost unlimited shelf life if kept dry.  Store as much as you can, it will be like gold in the future.


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  1. You are right but I’ve taken it a step further. When things are bad you’re going to want to be as healthy as possible regular salt is not good for you. But sea salt that hasn’t been processed containes all the minerals you need. I buy it by the 50 lb bag and put in canning jars. This salt can be used for your animals, your soil to improve it, for preserving and for trade. Now instead of sugar (that is not healthy) I raise bees and have honey for my use, friends and for trade. So much of what we store is not healthy. Yes it will keep you from starving, but your immune system might be compromised, might have problems with diabetes, digestive problems etc. and having healthier foods will help with medical problems and give you more strength and stamina.

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