Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods

I spend a fair amount of time reviewing websites that deal in preparedness products and foods.  Because of this, I have become convinced that some very unethical dealers are trying to take advantage of the movement.

Because of possible legal problems, I am not going to name names.  However, I will tell you some things to watch for.

Just the other day I saw a kit selling for $995.00 that included a bug out bag and 90 days food.  Sound like it may be ok.  Then you start reading the fine print.  The 90 days food consists of 20 3600-calorie lifeboat rations and one 60 Serving Food Kit of Wise food.  Lifeboat rations are fine for what they are designed for, but they claimed that this is 60 days food.  The other 30 days was the bucket of Wise Food.  Both the lifeboat rations and Wise Food are good products that I have no problems with. They are being use in a manner that I do not think the manufacturers would  recommend  This would only provide 1200 calories a day at most and  insufficient protein or nutrients.

Needless to say, the rest of the kit appeared to be poor quality junk.  You could buy everything in the kit for much less, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Some of the packaged food units that I see for sale do not provide enough daily calories.  Spend a little time and make sure you have enough daily calories, this means more than you would normally consume.  You are going to be working harder and using more calories than normal. Do some research on the quality of the food.  Be careful of new companies that come from nowhere.

If you choose to buy premade bug out kits, know what is in them.  Make sure it is good quality equipment and take it out and use it.  Pick reputable suppliers with good reputations.  This applies to everything you get, take it out, hold it, try it; your life may depend on it.  Research and read the reviews.


5 thoughts on “Unethical Suppliers of Preparedness Gear and Foods”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    Premade kits are a lost cause IMO. (1) they are marked up very high (2) they dont really have what you will need (3) everyone has different needs so they should build their own (4) they are a “feel good” measure
    If it’s used a starting place, well ok I guess-maybe, otherwise it’s a lazy approach and yes these “companies” will take advantage of the lazy and/or uneducated so please do your homework! (yes I know I just got in someones feelings, aint doing it to be mean, doing it to help you)
    I am a firm believer in using what you have whether it’s firearms, food or any other gear. I dont shoot special guns at matches, I run a standard glock in my carry holster, I eat what I carry in my bags and have no “NEW” gear packed, etc etc. If you buy mainstay bars (which I love) try them for THE WHOLE DAY. See how much water you need, see how long you think you could eat these, see where the shortages lie. 90 days, shoot I cant even do more than a day or two without constipation issues with these and lack of water. There is no excuse on these because you can reseal the package with an iron if needed till your next hike. You do hike/hunt/train right?
    I see alot of 1200 calorie per day deals out there. I dunno bout you all but thats way short even for my needs. When I was a Soldier in my prime and humping my house on my back I ate 5 1000-1200 calorie meals a 16-18 hr day. During crisis time whether its SHTF or Natural Disaster you will be working hard, harder than 1200 calories, that salad filled soap opera star diet is going out the window!!!
    Yes these companies take advantage of folks but way too many “Preppers” just want to buy their way out of the issue so therein lies the real issue. They dont want to develop skills, use the stuff, live the life just want the American “quick fix pill” so yep there is someone waiting to take that money. Don’t be one of ‘them”!
    steps back off the soapbox
    Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength, Tested Knowledge is Confidence

  2. A veteran who is preparing

    One group of retailers to avoid, especially online, is any that push “2012 Supplies”. From what I have seen they usually have old worn out gear under the description of slightly used. Food that is close or over their dates. And overall huge mark up in prices.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with you being very cautious of vendors who advertise on survival websites. We ordered from a vendor on survivalblog because of the association with the writer of that website we thought that it would be a good vendor to purchase from. The site specializes in canned butter, canned cheese, canned meats etc. The site protrays the sellers as christians using bible verses and such to make themselves seem more pulsible to the buyer.
    We ordered quite a bit of food from them and to save shipping cost we sent our daughter to Texas to pick up the food since she was traveling to Dallas anyway. When she arrived the food was in stored in a converted carport with a roll up door, the two young men that came out to load the food were both wearing all black clothing with their fingernails painted black. They did not say a word to her just put the food on the ground for her to load it.
    Our concern is twofold, if the food is being stored in a uninsulated thin walled sheet metal building what is going to be the storage life of the products and two what are the sellers doing with the information on all the buyers who are purchasing from them. The website thought it was more important to keep an advertiser than hear a legitimate complaint. Buyer beware.

  4. Matt in Oklahoma

    So instead of listing folks who stink how about making a limited posting to ones who actually comment here to list companies that dont stink. Limit it to people who already post otherwise these same unscrupulous characters will jump on here and claim how great they are!

  5. I have said from the beginning of these companies, most of them are “fear” selling
    and are ripping people off. I do not know of one single supplier to trust & agree
    with Matt that we need to know just who is reputatable?

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