Why Store Wheat?

It seems like everyday as I read blogs I see questions about why  store whole wheat.  When I first started storing food in the mid 1960’s about the only guidelines around were the ones put out by the LDS Church.  This included the so-called Mormon four, wheat, sugar or honey, powdered milk and salt.  It was taught that you could live on only these four items.  It was never designed to be gourmet eating, but you could survive. Since this was the best information available, I followed it and learned how to use them and I am glad that I did. That was before they started calling them wheat berries.

Now over the years, there have been many changes in the LDS program and lots of new information has become available.  If you go to an LDS cannery today, you will find a much wider choice than in the 1960’s.  In addition, a lot of new information and choices of food have become available on the commercial market.

The advancements are all to the good, but I think everyone would benefit if they first had to learn food storage using the basic four.  It is amazing what you can do with just those four items.  The book that I learned from was Passport to Survival by Esther Dickey that contains 110 recipes using only these four ingredients.

Leaning to use these four basic foods gives you an advantage over other people.  You are learning the absolute basics.  Remember wheat is one of the few foods that you can take out in the backyard, plant and it will reproduce.  You are not just storing food, you are storing seeds.

The main problem with the use of wheat is that some people do not seem to tolerate it well.  It seems to me this problem has gotten worst over the last 50 years.  Back then, you rarely heard anyone complaining about wheat.

However if you can tolerate wheat it is a great item to store.  It is nutritious, high in gluten (necessary for baking quality bread and for making meat substitutes) inexpensive and stores well.  It sprouts well and the sprouts are a good source of vitamin C.  Stored in reasonable temperatures and kept dry it will outlast you. Wheat is something that is good to include in your everyday diet on a regular basis.

The biggest mistake people make is storing wheat without using it.  I know people who have large amounts of wheat stored and have never ground and used it.  Your system reacts a bit different to whole wheat than to modern refined flours.  If you choose to stock wheat and not use it in your regular diet, stock lots of toilet paper you will need it.


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