Winter Fruits

Have you given any thought about what kind of fruit trees you might plant that will produce fruit in the fall or winter.? Fresh fruit is always the best. We don’t have many fruit trees in our yard, but our neighbors have an assortment of fruit, Pears, Persimmons, Pomegranate and Apples.

One thing I’m looking for is which fruits have the most minerals and vitamins. I have high blood pressure and of course a little over weight (which am working on). I love fruit, but during the winter, there is a little less to pick from.  I think persimmons and pomegranate are a good choice. They produce fruit in our area of California during the months of August thru November.  What is a winter fruit in your area that you can plant?

Pomegranates are a powerful antioxidant. You can buy the juice but it has sugar and it’s expensive. Fresh fruit has 105 calories per fruit, vitamin a, vitamin c, iron and calcium. It’s also a very good anti- inflammatory.

Pick when matured before the rainy season (fruit will crack) and store at 32 to 41 degrees. They will store for 7 months and become more flavorful and juicy. So you can have these all winter for salads and juice. Clean under water in a bowl or pan to prevent stain on clothes.


I have been making persimmon cookies for, well a long time. I had several recipes from my aunt and they were good, but lost the recipes. I have been trying to find one that almost matches hers, but of course the old ones and the new ones don’t taste the same. There are several varieties of persimmonons at the market now. There’s a flat one you can eat like an apple and the oblong ones that look like a long heart

The oblong ones are the ones I use for cooking and baking. Be sure that they are ripe or your month will pucker up. The fruit itself is a great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, with beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthi. Together these compounds are protective against oxygen-derived free radicals.

The fruit will help reduce some of the medical problems we have.

It takes time for trees to produce, so look around your neighborhood and see what fruit is just falling on the ground and going to waste.  It never hurts to ask if you can pick it.  You may get free fruit to can or otherwise preserve.

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