An Example of Using Old Gasoline

old gasolineSometimes the mistakes of others create situations from which we can all learn.  A friend of mine who is in the process of moving out of state had two fifty five gallon barrels of old gasoline that he had never got around to using.  One was purchased just before Y2K and the other around 10 years ago.  They have been sitting out in the weather exposed to the sun for the whole time.

So now that it is time to move he has to get rid of the gasoline.  However, gasoline is not the easiest thing to get rid of.  So he gave his son $200 to get rid of it.  His son thinks about it and decides that he thinks he can save the gasoline.

old gasoline

A transfer tank and pump

The son has a transfer tank on the back of his pickup, so he pumps the contents of the newest of the gasoline into the transfer tank.  He said that it looked yellowish.  So then he goes and gets three bottles of Sta-bil, which is a fuel additive you are suppose to put into fuel to keep it from going bad.  It normally extends the life of fuel a years or so.  He dumped all three bottles in to the tank.  Each bottle was rated for treating twenty gallons of gasoline.

old gasolineHe then dumps in three bottles of HEET which is a gas-line antifreeze and water remover.  The transfer tank he is using has a filter unit on it.  So he pumps the gasoline through the filter and back into the tank.  He lets it circulate for about 2 hours.  Now he said the gasoline looked much clearer.  He then drained the petcock on the filter to let out any water it had collected.  None came out.

The gasoline now looked and smelled ok, so he ran it through a small engine and it seemed to run fine.  His truck was on empty so he put a few gallons in the tank and his truck ran normally.  He is now about finished using the first barrel and is getting ready to start on the second.

old gasolineHis truck has fuel injectors and so far he has had no problem with them and his in line filter is clear. I don’t know that I could recommend this method for using old gasoline, but it worked for him and it might for you in an emergency.


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  1. ke4sky says:

    This is the same method I have heard of being used in the Third World for running generators and farm tractors from salvaged gasoline. While I wouldn’t trust it for avgas, most small engines, outboards, chainsaws, generators, mopeds, tractors run fine, and you couldprobably get away with it in older cars or trucks. Seafoam is the brand I used, which is sold at NAPA and Southern States CoOps.

  2. undeRGRound says:

    Great Info!

    I have a diesel generator, and gasoline (new) can be used for running non-refined vegetable oil, in a 1:20 ratio. (1 qt. gas to 5 gallons diesel)

    Perhaps old gas is still of use in these ratios in a diesel, even if it does not “come back from the dead” for a gas engine. Diesels were designed to run on basically any oil or grease, if it is made liquid enough.

    A friend of mine has an uncle that uses rendered goat fat for fuel 😀
    With a shot of GAS!

  3. Michael A says:

    I made a mistake and put 10 gallons of gas into a 15 gallon tank that had 5 gallons of diesel – result I now have have 15 gallons of gas / diesel mix. I have a gas pickup. Can I mix 1 gallon of the mix to each 30 gallons of gas and not ruin the truck engine?

    • kyle says:

      most likely i had a 30 gallon tank mixed with probably 18 gallons of gas to 12 gallons of diesel. I dumped 5 gallons into a old 96 f150 at a time with no problems i don’t even know that the tank was full when i dumped it in. I wouldn’t run it in my BMW but i would an old vehicle

    • undeRGRound says:

      You could mix it a lot more diesel than you are asking, I used to try these things in an old car, and it tolerated a 10% diesel mix quite well. 20% diesel started running weird. I of course put in 1 gallon of diesel first, and then gas. It had to be 20% just to run, (1 gal diesel, 4 gal gas) so I topped it off with 5 more gas ad it ran great. I did not just decide to try it one day, I had been experimenting with diesel mix for some time. Louis LaPointe, known as the Acetone Additive man, also ran several mixtures. 3oz Acetone per 10 gal gas was the basic mix, and 10oz Acetone, 10oz Xylene, in 10oz Diesel was another. He ran up to a quart of diesel as well. 40:1

      You are well below 40:1 with your proposed mix. You could run 3 gallons of your mix and it would be 1 gallon of diesel per a 30 gallon tank, then you are rid of it in 5 tanks. I’m sure it would be fine! All of Mr. LaPointe’s ratios were based on a 10 gallon tank, like an economy car. He was getting some very good mileage!

  4. Bill Sorensen says:

    Had a Farmall Cub. Ran 50/ 50 gas diesel in it no problem.
    Back in the oil embargo started an air cooled Volkswagon with gasoline filled the tank with Kerosene and ran from Geneva NY to Staten Island. Never shut it off for fear it would not start again. Next day put a couple of gallons of gas and it started fine. Put another 50,000 miles on the beast ok.
    Had diesel in a tractor get all gelled up over winter. Had to clean filter And add fuel treatment.

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