Do you have the Necessary Supplies to Garden


Storing food is great, but are you storing seeds and are they heritage seeds?  If not you should be.  Even if you have 10 years supply of food storage, a few fresh vegetables and fruits will taste good.  Plan ahead now, plant a few fruit trees and stock some seed.  Get to know your garden area.  Do you know what the soil is like?  Have you dug it up? Is it good soil that you can work with a shovel or is it solid rock?  What grows well in your area?

Do you have the necessary yard tools?  Are they good quality, US made or cheap foreign junk?  Do you have at least two of everything?  Remember the old saying “one is none, two is one”.  Something will break.  Try gardening without power tools and find out what you are short off.  I will talk to my father who has gardened a lot by hand and get him to make a list of the tools he considers important.  Right now, I can tell you the first item he will name is a spade.  Do you have one?


2 thoughts on “Do you have the Necessary Supplies to Garden”

  1. Howard,

    I’ve blogged about my quest to gather tools, and so I look forward to you and your father’s thoughts on the topic the essential must-haves.


  2. A veteran who is preparing

    We are in the market for the old push plow and cultivators that were used before the modern gas tiller. They had a wheel in the front and a plow or rake behind it. I have seen versions were the wheel was replaced with a drum that had spikes or even blades for breaking the soil for the rake or plow. At auctions you usually end up fighting people who get them for lawn ornaments or as antiques for display.

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