Fruit Flies in the House are Easy to get Rid Off

My wife has been processing fruit for canning and drying in the kitchen for the last few days.  This has resulted in an infestation for small fruit flies.  They are annoying and not hygienic.  Now we don’t want to use pesticides in the house.

Anyway, my wife remembered that I wrote a blog on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Without Pesticides a couple of months ago.  She built one of the traps and set it in the kitchen.  It is rather amazing it attracts the flies like crazy.  The flies are all hovering in the area of the bottle and the bottle has a large number of them already trapped.  She put it up last night.

Traps for fruit flies are easy to make.

Fruit Flies trapped in bottle

If you look close you can see the fruit flies trapped in the bottle and the ones trying to get in.


The trap is very simple just a little apple cider vinegar and a slice of banana in a soda bottle.  Punch a few small holes in the sides to let the flies in.  It is working great


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