It is Time to Preserve the Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden

Our dehydrator is running full time these days.  My wife is drying a large variety of foods.  In the last few days, she has dried tomatoes, beets, beet greens, zucchini, yellow squash, green onions and hot peppers.  During the summer, we dry a large amount of food, some to use this coming winter, some for our storage.

If it is to be used in the near future, we place the food in plastic bags and store it in plastic food grade buckets with gamma lids or in glass jars.  For long term, we place the plastic bags inside Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber.  These are then sealed and placed in plastic food grade buckets.  Each bucket contains a variety of dried foods.

We have been drying and canning foods for quite a few years and are very happy with the results.  In the area in which we live, there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables.  Every year we get a good amount for free, in addition to what we grow.

Drying fruits and vegetables is a very inexpensive way to preserve your foods.  You can set up a drying rack in your yard An Easy to Make Drying Rack or use an electric or solar dehydrator.  Because electric dehydrators produce heat, we often run ours on the back deck.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will post some detailed articles on preserving fruits and vegetables.




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4 Responses to It is Time to Preserve the Fruits and Vegetables From Your Garden

  1. Nancy says:

    Looking forward to your follow up on dehydrating! We just got in a ton of zucchini, and I’m drying it now! Do you guys use food saver type bags for your produce as well?

    • Prepardness Mom says:

      Nancy, I use just the zip lock bags and squeese as much air out as possible. Then if it’s for long term we put them in Mylar bags, when bucket is full we seal it. You have to remember to put the same kinds of fruits and vegetables in the same bucket otherwise you may have bell pepper,green onion or stronger smelling product mixed with corn or other product that has no odor. I found out the hard way. Bell Peppers & beets don’t mix well. LOL

  2. Art says:

    what brand and model of dehydrator has worked best for you?

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