The Survivalist Series, four Excellent Books of Apocalyptic Fiction

The Survivalist Series is a series of four books, Going Home, Surviving Home, Escaping Home and the newest one Forsaking Home  written by A American.  I don’t want to give much of the plot away, so I am going to say that the series starts with a massive infrastructure failure that catches our hero away from home.

The books cover his trip home and the things that he has to do to protect his family.  Along the way, he meets other interesting characters who greatly add to the story.  I have talked to others who have read this series and while they all liked it, one complained that the book sometimes went into to much detail.  Me, I like the way the books went into detail, it provided a lot of good survival information on techniques and equipment.  You can learn a lot from these books.

This was a series that I genuinely enjoyed.  The books were exciting, full of action and just a good read.  My wife loved the series and couldn’t put the books down.  The downside was many grammatical errors.  For me these were easy to overlook.  My only real complaint was that the forth book Forsaking Home still left a few loose ends and I am hoping that this is not the end of the series.

As in most fiction, the plot was not always realistic.  Our hero survives numerous brushes with death, but as with many books, you have to suspend reality at times and just enjoy them.

Now I have one set of The Survivalist Series to give away.  If you would like the set, send me an email at [email protected] with a suggestion for a blog and I will draw the winner on Saturday July 5.  The books will then be mailed to you.

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  1. I just received my copy of Forsaking Home yesterday and am halfway through it. Besides the grammatical errors, which I don’t really care about, my one complaint is the lack of proper radio communication techniques. The (military)characters are not using the proper commo techniques when using the radios, they are reversed when calling or identifying themselves (similar to ‘some’ LE departments). also, the main characters ‘bug-out-bag’ must weigh 100lbs with all the cool name brand survival gear in it (I know cuz’ I own most of the same gear…lol) Other than that, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire series (so far).

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