Home alone During an Emergency

home alone

What would your feelings be like, if your town was under attack from a suspect that had shot three deputies and a civilian during his rampage?  If you were home alone, and you heard the news on TV or you received, a phone call telling you that was happening in your town.  Of course you would worry about your children if they where school age or yourself if you are in the area where this person was reported being.  I was having lunch with some of my family in a restaurant when I got a phone call from my husband who was out of town at the time.

What would your thoughts be if you had something like this happening in your town?  Well this happened to me a few days ago.  Believe me I was shocked and looking around finally noticed the red lights flashing and police helicopters taking off, since we were at the airport cafe at the time.  We had finished our lunch and talked about walking around the planes, but decide to return home.  Upon returning home, my son checked around outside and made sure everything was ok and everything was locked.

We turned the TV on and got all of the news and where the shoot out had occurred, not too far from our home.  Since the schools were on lockdown, I knew my grandson was safe since his school was the nearest to the area, however we have another son who is in law enforcement who was on the streets looking for the suspect.  But just the thought of someone going into a school and harming children was very scary.

After my son and his family left and with my husband out of town I was a little unsettled at being home alone.  I wasn’t scared, but with no information that they had found him, (it took several hours) I was very much on alert.  I rechecked the windows and doors, put the alarm on and sat and watched the news again.  Another feeling you continue to have is, one of being on alert for any noise or sound you might hear.  The nervous energy is flowing through your body expecting the unexpected.

My feelings were very surprising to me, since I have always considered my self-self reliant and “I can take care of myself attitude”Well, believe me until something unexpected happens to you or around you those feeling are unknown to a person.  This was a good wake up call for me, “not to take things for granted”and always be aware.

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