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How many of you have the equipment you need for cooking besides the solar oven and Dutch oven pans? I have a set of cast iron pans, different sizes and even some for baking. I think I have a corn bread pan and a square pan for grilling, a griddle for those pancakes and tortillas. When I see them at thrift store or at garage sales I pick them up and clean them, some need re-seasoning for use.

But I don’t think I have a lot of the little stuff I will need. I have these items in the house but not in storage. I do have a box with all my extra kitchen gadgets, which I need to go thru. These items are from combining two households

2 saucepans and lids (for open fire)
Colander (several)
Roasting pan (for solar oven)
Cake pans
Bread pans
Muffin tin
Meat thermometer
Mixing bowls
Measuring spoons
Measuring cups (both wet and dry)
Silverware (large serving spoons, mixing spoons, wooden spoons)
A set of knifes   (paring knifes for cooking and steak knifes
Cutting boards
Ladle (for soup and stews)
Pastry brush
Pancake turner
Rolling pin
Pressure cooker and canning equipment
Lids and rings
Extra jars (in case of breakage)
Bottle opener Can opener (a good one, heavy duty)
Knife sharpener
Steel wool for pans
Pail, dust pan and brush
Small garbage can to wash dishes
Potato masher
Potato peeler
Meat grinder (non-electric)
Coffee pot (Non-electric)
Flour Sifter (just in case of bugs or dirt)

You probably wondering why you need extra stuff if you already have some, but just think if something happens to your house or you break one of those items. You would be hard up to find a replacement. Especially can openers and items that would make your daily chores a lot easier.

Also to this list, you need to make sure your garden tools are in good order. I know for sure that we have several items that need handles and a few more digging tools. Not just shovels, but a post hole digger and some wire. Anything that would help keeps your area secure.

There is a lot more items that can be added to this list, but I don’t have enough room for everything. Look around it’s amazing how much we are still lacking when you see some of these preppers show on TV lately. Happy hunting.

Preparedness Mom

6 thoughts on “Household Needs”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma

    I have enough stored in 2 places to make it at least short trm and those 2 places are the storm shelter and the camper I use to hunt with.

  2. I have been working on this type of list for the last 2 years. Still do not have it complete. My sister gave me an egg beater, nice heavy one. I bought tongs, ended up with 3 sets of measuring cups (1 really nice metal). Measuring spoons even the ones that denote, tad, pinch etc. measurements. Some cheap sharpening stones and a sharpener. I bought a candy thermometer I have always needed one so went for it. I have good bread pans and some of the smaller type.
    Seems that being used to the modern conviences one forgets the about the things that are needed that are hand powered. Still have a way to go but have gotten a lot of things that I either needed or always wanted.
    Thanks for reminding me, here comes another list.

  3. You can still purchase the wall mounted “swing away” can opener at Ace hardware. Made very well and the last one I purchased was still made in the USA.

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