How much food do you need to store

How much food do you need to store?  This is a very personnel thing.  A lot depends on your reason for storing food.  I have seen people plan on anywhere from a few days to 7 or 8 years.  Myself I recommend at least a year.

One of the first things you have to decide is what approach you will take.  Some purchase prepackaged units from dehydrated and freeze dried food dealers.  If you have the money this is a good way to go.  They have units designed to feed you from a week to a year.  The food will store for 25-30 years.  Most provide about 2000 calories a day.  Personally I think this a little low, especially if you have to work hard.

There are some things you need to watch for when you go to buy.  Check the calorie count per day; I have seen some cheaper units that only allowed 1600 calories a day.  This would leave most people hungry.   Buy from a well established company; you don’t want to open your cans sometime in the future to find them inedible.   When you check prices be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

The advantages to purchasing a prepackaged unit are, if correctly stored (kept dry and cool) they should still be good 25-30 years from now.  It’s something you can put away and forget.  No worries about rotating your food.  It is easy to prepare and tastes good. The big disadvantages are the price and you need water to fix the meals.

A lot depends on how much food you are storing.  If you are only storing a weeks emergency rations because you live in an earthquake area I would definitely recommend something like Mountain Houses “ Just in Case” or freezedryguy “ Grab and Go” buckets.

For longer term I personally think that a mixture is best.  Your storage should consist of wet pack (canned food), correctly package grains, rice and pasta, freeze dried, dehydrated, and other miscellaneous foods.

Food storage is a big subject and cannot be covered in just one or two pages, so I will be putting up lots of information in future posts including what to store, how to package it, as well as recipes and cooking tips.


3 thoughts on “How much food do you need to store”

  1. Working on our food storage is on my permanent to-do list. Thanks for the reminder to revisit it.
    I am also working on my energy storage. I like to carry it around my waist so that it is always there when i need it. 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking at this thing of storing food all wrong. I want something in case of a famine. Something that will sustain my life. The drought out west has opened my eyes. I want long term storage like grains. Corn, beans and rice will be going into my buckets. I couldn’t figure out why people wanted beans because they get hard after awhile then it dawned on me, “the beans are for grinding.” You make cornmeal and grits from the corn. Grind the beans and you’ve got a meal. Most of my canned goods are just sitting in my cabinets. I’m glad I have them but it seems like such a waste because it’s short term storage. I purchased a non electric cheap grinder from the hardware store. It works just fine. Groceries are already getting so high we can’t afford to buy them and what it all boils down to is we’re going to starve because we don’t have the know how that our ancestors did. When I was a child we ate raccoon, turtle, eels, chicken feet, bluebirds and doves. Eat it or starve. Yes I picked a little cotton to help make a dollar. My grandparents had a smoke house for pork. My dad used the extra bedroom to salt down meat. Two families had to live together just to survive. We have no idea of what it will be like when tshtf because we’ve been spoiled. For all of you out there who haven’t seriously began to prep get it done because the clock is ticking.

  3. Prepardness Mom

    Yes you better make tracks fast. With the draught and corn costing more things are really going to start spiking. You mentioned beans and grinding them because they got hard. Well if you read some back blogs of my husbands, you wil read that using baking soda while cooking hard beans will soften them. Start storing a little of everything and it will help.

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