Insurance is an Important Part of Being Prepared


For years I have thought that one thing we needed to include amongst our preps is a good homeowners insurance policy on our property. As a result, I have always had good homeowner’s from The California State Automobile Club.  Now over the years I have had a few minor claims but nothing major, until last Wednesday.

We were home in the afternoon and my wife had a load of washing running in the kitchen.  All of a sudden, I heard her yell the washing machine is leaking. I ran in and found the kitchen floor to be almost an inch deep in water.  We immediately cleared it up and did what we could to dry the floor.  Now our kitchen floor was one of the new laminates.  So pretty soon, we can tell the water got underneath it and the edges are starting to curl up.

So I think about our homeowner’s insurance policy and give them a call.  Their response was great; they had a crew out at our home within three hours and removed most of the wet floor that night.  They also set up dehumidifiers to speed up the drying.

Over the next two days, they removed the damaged flooring and set up additional fans both in the kitchen and under the house.  On Thursday a claims specialist came to our house and surveyed the damage.  She ran an estimate of the repair costs and cut us a check before she left the house.  The check is not a final check but lets us get started on repairs right away and will probably cover 90% of the damage.  My brother who is a general contractor says that the estimates appear to be very complete and fair.  A final settlement will come later.

So for the next couple of weeks we will have to put up with some construction.  Even with the help of our insurer, it is still an inconvenience, but without them it would have been much worse.

Disasters big or small can occur at any time and having an insurance policy is being prepared.  If you do not own a home, you should still have a tenant’s package.  There is an old saying that I believe after my years in the fire service and law enforcement, “the less you can afford insurance the more you need it”

Just remember that not all insurance companies are equal, get a good one.  I am glad we have the California State Automobile Club (AAA).


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