A Handy Little Homemade Lighting System

The two bulbs produce a lot of light.

I have written several posts on my homemade battery packs and their many uses.  You can learn how to make one at http://bit.ly/URpTwz.  Recently I purchased some 12 volt LED light bulbs from C Crane http://www.ccrane.com/.  With these and 15 feet of wire I was able to make a nice lighting setup that would light a room quite well.

I went to my local electric supply house and purchased some 20-gauge wire and MR16 light bases.  The bulbs I got from C Crane fit into this type of socket.  They are two prong.  I soldered two of the light bases to the 20-gauge wire about 8 ft apart.  A cigarette lighter was attached to the end of the wire.  This plugs into the battery pack.  When the lights are hung up, they light up a room quite adequately.

Here you can see the bulbs and wiring. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The 12-volt bulbs that I purchased produce 440 lumens of light and draw 4 watts. The battery box contains to 7 amp batteries.  They should run the lights for 28 hours straight if you allowed the batteries to run all the way down.  This is not recommended.  I would recharge mine with the solar charger at every opportunity.  More bulbs could be added if you need more light, it would just shorten your run time proportionally.

Do a search of this blog for battery packs and you will find more suggestions on how to use them.


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