Hybrid solar flashlight review

I am going to do something that rubs me the wrong way; I am going to review a product that is manufactured in China.  The reason is that it is a useful product that appears to be well made.  And I guess the deciding factor is that I can’t find a US manufactured equivalent.  It is a solar powered flashlight sold by www.Hybridlight.com  About one and half years ago I first obtained a pair of them.  I played with them and they worked well.  So I set them on a window ledge that receives the hot afternoon sun.  Every now and then I would take them down and play with them.  They have held up well.  The hot sun has not affected the plastic and they are always charged.

The reason they call them a hybrid flashlight is that they also have 2 Cr2032 lithium 3 volt cells.  The company claims that the lithium backup battery will provide up to 50 hours of light.  I have used the batteries for several hours and have not noticed any difference in the strength of the beam. The flashlight works off solar just as well with the lithium cells removed.  The lithium backup battery will hold a charge for 7 years. With eight hours of solar charging, the Hybrid Solar flashlight can provide up to 10 hours of light.  They claim that the flashlight is waterproof to 80 feet.  I have only been able to test it in shallow water, but it is waterproof.

The flashlight only has one led bulb, but provides a surprisingly strong light.  If you leave the flashlight  on a window sill the sun will keep it charged and  you will always have light. The flashlight comes with a lifetime guaranty.  As much as it hurts me to say this I will have to recommend them.

Howard Godfrey

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  1. Wow that’s amazing! This is something I think I will look into. Thanks for the review it will come in handy for son in Scouts.

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