Luci, a Neat Little Solar Powered Lantern.

The other day I received Luci by MPOWERD in the mail.  This is a small inflatable solar powered lantern that is very lightweight at less than 4 ounces.  It is about 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick when deflated.  Inflated it is 5 inches in diameter by about 4 inches thick.   It has a 3.7 VDC lithium polymer battery.

After getting it, I immediately had to inflate it and play with it.  It wasn’t hard to blow up once you found the trick.  You need to bite on the valve as you blow.  Once it was inflated, I pressed the on switch and it lit right up.  It has two levels of brightness and one flashing mode.

I was a bit surprised by how much light it put out.  After making sure, it was fully charged I took it into a dark room and turned it on.  It lit a small room well and I was able to read by it.  At this point, I notice two areas that could be improved.  One, the switch was a bit hard to locate in the dark.  Two, I would like to see a better method of hanging it up.  There is a small strap on one end, but it seems flimsy.  But overall, it lit the room up quite well; it would be more than adequate in most 4-man tents.

Here you can see the solar panels

Some of the things that I like about it are, it is waterproof, and small and light enough to fit into your bugout bag.  MPOWERD says it takes about 8 hours in direct sunlight to fully charge Luci.  Luci will then provide between 6 to 12 hours of light depending on which power level you operate it.  One thing that I noticed about Luci was that the smoother the sides, the better the light.  Make sure you blow it up all the way.

Luci is for sale on Amazon for $15 which is fairly inexpensive for a solar light.  It could be a handy item as part of your bugout bag or for backup lighting in case of a power failure.  Luci is not the strongest item and you will have to protect it from damage to get the most out of it.  But I will recommend it.


Since I wrote this post, I have been informed that the strap on the Luci has been improved.


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  1. I find that if you open it like a according you won’t need to blow it up at all. It self inflates. Squeeze valve only to deflate. Try it. I dislike the idea of moist lung air and/or the possible introduction of bacteria in my gear.

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