Sierra Solar Systems

A good source of supply. 

I don’t usually recommend a business, but in this case, I am going to make an exception.  Sierra Solar Systems located in Grass Valley California has been designing and building off grid solar systems for the last 31 years.  Most people will be surprised to know that there still are many remote areas of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that do not have access to electric power.

They have a catalog called the Solar Flare that you can order by calling 1-888-667-6527 or go to to see their website.  They stock products for hydroelectric and wind power in addition to solar.  They have solar powered well pumps that will work in a well 850 feet deep.

They have everything from pre-packaged systems to all the components you need to build your own system.  Talk to Aron their designer and get the help you need.

Sierra Solar stocks almost everything you need for living off the grid.  They even stock composing toilets and gas appliances.


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