The Versatile Headlamp


In any kind of disaster or emergency situation, light may be a critical factor in your ability to survive in comfort.  Having spent many years in the fire service and law enforcement I am very familiar with nighttime emergency situations.

Headlamps are not useful in a combat or security mode, because they don’t have a beam that will reach out far enough. Second, I wouldn’t want a target on my forehead.  For medical, rescue or cooking they are great.  Headlamps are hands-free flashlights. They have adjustable elastic straps that will allow the headlamp to be worn over hats or helmets.

You can use them for anything from treating a wound to peeling potatoes.  If you have to change a child’s diaper you will really appreciate them.  They are extremely versatile.  I have several around the house that all use AAA batteries.  Be sure and standardize your battery sizes.

Be sure and keep one in your car, they are great if you have to change a tire or make other repairs.

With a solar charges and rechargeable batteries, they should last for a long time.  In a future post I intent to discuss the life span of the different rechargeable batteries.


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  1. caryn verell says:

    had to have an electrician do some work at in my home recently and noticed he made use of one of these headlamps and i was so appreciative of it..meant i did not have to stand there holding a flashlight! i am fixing to find me a few of those for myself!

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