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More on Baby Preps.

My daughter Jen and I have been talking about the question of baby preps.  She has five children and has been involved in prepping for them.  She has a few additional suggestions,

First she agrees with Practical Parsimony on not using baby powder because of the possible effects on their lungs.  All five of her children grew up without any baby powder and she says that she never had any problem with diaper rashes.

Second, she always stocked several months of disposable diapers and baby wipers ahead so that if something occurred she did not have to immediately switch to cloth diapers.  This will help make a transition easier.

Third, once she discovered the formula that seemed to agree with her child, she stocked four of five months of it.  Once they started on baby food she made her own and would freeze it.

She would take her vegetables, steam them and then puree them.  She would put them in ice cube trays, since this made a good serving size.  You can also can the baby food.  She did the same thing with fruits.  She also feed the children rice cereal.  She kept a good supply of this on hand.

Other items that she feels are important to stock up on are baby Tylenol, and ibuprofen, homeopathic teething tables, and any special medications your child needs.

Clothes are another whole issue, she stocked extra clothing in larger sizes and extra blankets because she lives in a cold area, where heat may be a problem.  Things like snow boots are important.

While some people may disagree with her storing infant formula and disposable diapers, etc, she feels that there are several good reasons to do it.  One you don’t know what will happen after TEOTWAWKI, because of death or injury breast-feeding may no longer be an option.  Water to wash the diapers could be in short supply, especially if you have to bug in because of a pandemic or fallout.

Anyway, these are her thoughts on baby preps.


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  1. The use of talc has other dangers. It is a suspect in ovarian cancer. The adult powdering a baby could inhale enough over time to cause ovarian cancer. Plus, who knows whether it might pose a danger in the future for a baby girl who gets powdered now. Just because a baby boy does not have ovaries does not mean the talc cannot cause a problem we do not know about.

    I read somewhere that talc was found in cancerous ovaries. It may be possible it travel through fallopian tubes.

    This talc problem is a good enough reason for women not to use talc on their lady parts. My mother used powder on her face for 40 years and then was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I suppose if you use face powder for that long, some of it may drift south. Besides, I don’t know where else she may have powdered. Maybe face powder had nothing to do with her cancer.

    Google it for more information about avoiding talc. Because of my allergies, any powdery substance has to be avoided.

    As for the diapers, like I said before, disposable should be around for a backup. Even once a child outgrows the disposable diaper, using some cloth tape or another medical tape, the diaper can be used if it is outgrown but needed. Store tape with the diaper stash. Also, a bar of soap needs to be close by to stick diaper pins into so they will go through the diaper more easily. LOL…I cloth diapered three. The last one had a disposable on if we were going shopping or to church. I kept the box of Pampers in the car with only two or three carried into the house to put on her before we got into the car.

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