Eye Problem and Long Term Disasters


This is the best style of magnifying glasses I have found for reading.

As I get older, I am running into the problems that come with aging.  One that concerns me is eyesight.  In today’s world, we run to the optometrist get a new pair of glasses and everything is fine.  In tomorrows, who knows we may be more dependent on our own resources.

There are several things you can do to minimum this problem.

  1. Stay current on your eye examinations.
  2. Have extra glasses on hand.
  3. Have an eyeglass repair kit in your preps.  There are all different types of them for sale on the internet from 2 to 5 dollars.
  4. Go to the dollar store and buy a number of their reading glasses in various magnifications and sizes.  At a dollar each you can get quite a few.
  5. Purchase at least one good magnifying glass for reading.
  6. Get an OptiVisor for detailed work.  These run from 50-80 dollars each
  7. Keep a few pair of safety glasses around to protect your eyes when working.

For fine work it is hard to beat an OptiVisor, it lets both hands stay free.

These preps are not particularly expenses but if they save your sight would be worth their weight in gold.


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6 Responses to Eye Problem and Long Term Disasters

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Never get rid of old glasses, they may not be as good but are better than none

    • Kristi says:

      I will second Matt. My son’s broke on a Sunday afternoon, right where the nosepiece attached to the rim (so there was no way to fix it) and we were leaving in an hour to go out town for a week. We were able to find his previous pair and leave for our trip. A phone call the next day, got a replacement pair ordered and I had family take the broken ones in (less than one year old) and in 2 days they were replaced.

      • Loriann12 says:

        I’ve also discovered that with a lot of old glasses around, you can salvage parts. My son lost a screw in his leg piece, and since we had so many glasses left from my other son, we were able to match the screw. My youngest is only on his second pair, while my oldest (now 22 – disabled and still at home) has had glasses since he was 7. We don’t throw them out unless they are totally unwearable, and then part them out before we throw away the scraps. We even keep the lenses if the frames aren’t usable….they make good magnifying glasses. My youngest breaks his beyond repair, but I might take the tip to take him to the dollar store and see if he can find a pair of readers for back ups.

  2. Art says:

    We have been buying used glasses that are donated to thrift stores that are close to our prescription. These can be used in an emergency or given/traded to someone in need during a time when they are not available. The used glasses usually sell for one dollar a pair so they are not expensive to collect a few pairs just in case

  3. Jen says:

    I get inexpensive cheaper glasses at Zenni Optical. I love that place because you can get perscription glasses for as low at $10.00 and that includes frames and lenses. Perfect to get several to have around in your 24 hr kit plus in the car if you wear contacts.

  4. jc says:

    Fabulous post! It’s a nice magnifying glasses reading. I want to buy and give it to my cousin because he has a problem in his eyes. He can’t anymore small font words Thanks!

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