How Do You Deal with the Elderly and Disabled after TEOTWAWKI?

If you have any loved ones who are elderly, or handicapped because of physical or mental problems you have some hard decisions to make.  Do you bug in or bug out?  Do you leave someone to their fate?  These are decisions you need to make ahead of time.  If you bug out, how do you move them?

If you have vehicle transportation this is not too bad a problem.  How about if you are on foot?  With a little aid, I have seen physically impaired people in other parts of the world, show extraordinary adaptability to get around.  They have used everything from sticks, shopping carts, car dollies, skateboards and wheelbarrows.  In some areas of the world, a wheelchair is a luxury.

Hopefully by making the correct decisions now we can avoid some of these transportation problems.  If you plan to bug out, organize your transportation plan now for anyone who has limitations.   Accumulate and organize the special medical items that may be required to keep them alive.  Learn all you can about their handicap and how to deal with it.  Make sure at your bug out location you have the faculties to deal with them

Look at your group and see if you have anyone who is likely to have problems.  Your father, who is in his 70s or 80s and in good shape this week, may not be next week.

For some the decision might be to bug in.  In that case evaluate where you live, maybe you need to move.  Store the necessary supplies that your loved one needs.  And plan on it taking a good part of your time to take care of them.  Depending on the situation, and the persons condition it may be almost a full time job for one person.

Now this is kind of on a personal note, since I fall into the age range that many consider elderly.  Today I am in good condition and would able to keep up.  Tomorrow that may not be true.  If I became a danger to my family, I would want to be left behind.  Leave me with whatever is necessary and go.  Take into account the feelings of older people and the sick.  We may not wish to become a burden on you the ones we love.


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3 Responses to How Do You Deal with the Elderly and Disabled after TEOTWAWKI?

  1. Art says:

    Before leaving anyone behind consider the knowledge or other skills the person may contribute to the group. Just because someone is not physically able to do things does not make them less of an asset to the group. Accumulate things you may need in the future now. Get a wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane, manual hospital bed, iv pole, velcro type cast for arms, legs, ankles, handicapped toilet, adult diapers. You may be the one that needs one of these items because of a injury to the head from a fall or bullet wound. We have purchased all of these items from a local thrift store for less than $10 each. There really is no excuse to not be prepared to take care of someone you love.

  2. Peanut_gallery says:

    I agree Art, my husband has some health issues. I keep that in mind and stock the items that may be needed for his care. However he says if the SHTF he will simply overdose on his meds and leave this world as he does not wish to be a burden on the rest of us.

  3. MIKKEL (DOOMER) says:

    i am one of the Elderly and Disabled and i am the one in my family who is the prepper.
    my extended family are on my side and understand that what is about to befall america
    i also am a type 2 diabetic and know my days are numbered. i am also 61 years old. i have been preppering for 30 some years now. i saw what was takeing place back then and knew i had to get ready for what befalls us. when i was in the army (u.s. army vet) i saw what was going on over seas and how most hated usa. but all wanted to be us.
    i have been able to save 3 years of my diabetes meds. also natural ways of help one who is in this boat. ( i put doomer on my name place because that is a name put on me 23 years ago by my ward when i tryed to teach and warn them what was coming. at first i was upset with it. now i ware it with pride. ), i have lived my life and done good. my job now it to get my children and grand children to safety. if i make it are dont does not matter. if i do get with them to safty like i said my days are numbered. my mission at that point it to teach all i know and help as much as i can.
    sounds bad does it not. but not realy. i prepair best i can and hope i never have to use it. i would be very happy if it all went to waste. but i looks like we are all in trouble and must face that fact. am i ready by no means. when are you ever ready. but i have learned a good deal over the years and done alot. but you always forget are just dont think of somethings. here is wishing the best for us all. hopeing america does not fall apart and we all come out great. if not see ya on the other side.

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