Malaria and Mosquitoes

Malaria once covered almost the entire United States and Canada.  Today it is almost nonexistent.  In a real disaster, malaria could rapidly reappear.  What can you do to protect yourselves?

Prevent mosquito bites

To prevent mosquito bites, follow these guidelines:

  • Stay inside when it is dark outside, preferably in a screened room.
  • Wear protective clothing (long pants and long-sleeved shirts).
  • Use insect repellent with DEET (N,N diethylmetatoluamide). The repellent is available in varying strengths up to 100%. In young children, use a preparation containing less than 24% strength, because too much of the chemical can be absorbed through the skin. I would like something that works well without the toxic effects, any ideas.
  • Use bed nets (mosquito netting) when sleeping.
  • Do you have good screens on your windows?

Eliminate mosquito-breeding areas

Check for items that might hold water including wheelbarrows, tires, hubcaps, toys, garden equipment, pool covers, tarps, plastic sheeting, pipes, drains, boats, canoes, recycling bins and trash. Empty them out.

Remove standing water in ponds, ditches, clogged rain gutters, flowerpots, plant saucers, puddles, buckets, jars and cans.

Choose your home or camping location careful to minimize mosquitoes.  One of the negatives of living near a lake or slow-moving water is mosquitoes.  Select your home or campsite where there is a breeze.  This will help minimize the problem.

None of these solutions will entirely solve the problem, but they will help.  Learn about the symptoms and treatment of malaria.


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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Thermacells work great!

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