New Free Hesperian Medical Books for Preppers

medical booksI am cheap and I admit it.  Every time I get a chance to get something useful for free, I take it.  One of the best sources for free medical books is the Hesperian Health Guides.  They have some great new medical books available.  Now not all of these books are free, but many of them are.

Now some of these medical books I have posted information on before, but they have added some new titles and there are always beginning preppers.  Here is the link to the Hesperian Health Guides.

The Hesperian Health Guides currently publishes 20 titles that are written for use in third world countries.  They include books on, medical care, women’s health, midwifery, children, disabilities, dentistry, health education, and environmental health.

If you go to their website, you can download the more important ones for free.  This includes the following partial list.

  • Where Women Have No doctor
  • Where There Is No doctor
  • Advance Chapters from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor
  • Where There Is No Dentist
  • A Book For Midwives
  • Helping Children Who Are Deaf
  • Helping Children Who Are Blind

Where there is No Doctor and Where there is no Dentist are must haves.  Since they are written for third world countries, they start with the basics and cover many areas that a first aid manual does not. The book for midwives should be in the library of every prepper.  For example, our children are older, but we have 12 granddaughters.  The books on childbirth and children could come in very handy.

I have downloaded some of their books and printed them out, some I have purchased , but I want them all on paper.  In an emergency, I want information that can be this critical to be readily available. Get these for your library.



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  1. Again your post are some of the most helpful on the internet – Thank You.

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