Preventive Medicine

This morning I went to the Dentist just to have my teeth cleaned.  However, it reminded me of the importance of keeping up to date on medical and dental work. Luckily, I had no cavities and required nothing further.  For all its problems, we are lucky to currently have the finest medical system in the world.

I still remember as a child going to the dentist in South Africa in the early 1950’s. Getting a cavity filled was a painful experience.  My father had his gallbladder out and spent a week in the hospital and came out with approximately an 8-inch scar.  Today our medical system provides a much better level of care.

Unfortunately, this could disappear overnight.  I urge you to take advantage of what we have now.  Make sure your shots are up to date, your teeth are fixed and any other medical problems taken care off.  Do not procrastinate.

Your first aid kit no matter how sophisticated is not a replacement for a modern hospital or dental office.  That said get the best first aid kit you can afford and learn as much as you can about medical emergencies.

Practice good preventive medicine.


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