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Spider Webs can be Used to Treat Wounds

These last few days we have had an Aunt of my wife’s staying with us.  She was raised under what today would be considered fairly primitive conditions.  Her mother, my wife’s grandmother born in 1885 was an herbalist who helped people until her death.

Both my wife’s aunt and my wife remember how she would treat cuts with spider webs.  When they would get a cut or scrape, she would go out to the barn and gather spider webs and put them on the wound.  They both say that it worked well and they never were infected.  She did nothing to the spider web other than get the cleanest possible.

They both are strong believers in this type of wound treatment.  So this got me doing a bit of research on the subject.  It seems that in traditional European medicine, spider webs are often used on wounds and cuts to help healing and reduce bleeding.  The used them to treat wounds and even made a type of gauze pad out of them.

Today medical science is research spider webs to learn more about their medical properties.  They are even looking at using them to help rebuild ligaments.  Researchers at Tufts University in Medford, Mass., have found that spider webs could be used as scaffolds for regenerating ligaments damaged in one of the world’s most common knee injuries—ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments, or ACLs.

Scientists are also developing spider silk to make exceptionally fine sutures for stitching up surgeries or wounds to nerves or eyes, to potentially help them heal without scarring.

Some research indicates the spider webs are rich in vitamin K – the clotting vitamin.  The web itself is a biologically neutral material whose silk will not cause an infection as long as clean webs are used.

Some herbalist claim that  Spider webs have natural antiseptic and antifungal properties that help keep wounds clean and free of infection. But as of yet this has not been confirmed by medical science.

Remember I am not a medical expert, so if you decide to try this do so at your own risk.



3 thoughts on “Spider Webs can be Used to Treat Wounds”

  1. i made a mistake and stabbed the palm of my hand with a sharp knife scrabbling through the sink its really deep my boyfriend said his grandmother use to do the same for him when he was younger and it works he put spider webs on my hand and you are welcome to do follow up with me on the 22nd Feb around 7p to see if it works

  2. Years ago my wife cut her finger. I can’t remember what type f blade it was, but the cut was very clean/straight and well through the epidermis, and it was bleeding freely — venous blood, not arterial. Somehow my memory pulled out the spider web/blood clotting connection, and we took a handy small web from the bathroom window, wrapped it around her finger, and the bleeding stopped immediately. I had never tried this before, and I was startled at how quickly it worked. As soon as the web contacted the bleeding area, it stopped the blood flow. I don’t know if it would work as well on a larger cut, something more like a gash than a slice, but if an emergency i would surely try it. And it is an excuse not to sweep own all those cobwebs!!

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