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Sports and Ballistic Safety Glasses for Preppers.


For people like me who are getting older and even for some of you younger people, eyeglasses can be a problem. Here is the link to a previous article I wrote on this subject Be Sure You have Extra Glasses.  It lists all the normal solutions, have an extra pair, buy the cheap magnifying eyeglasses that are for sale in the Dollars store, etc.

This morning I was thinking about this problems and I remembered that when my granddaughter played soccer, she was always breaking glasses.  Her parents solved this problem by buying her a pair of sports glasses.  She never was able to break them.  She used them for several years and they got them inexpensively from a local optometrist.

So I did a bit of research on the internet and found that there are many places selling sports glasses for all different types of activities.  For simple prescriptions, these are available at surprisingly reasonable prices.

ballistic safety glasses
Military Style Prescription Ballistic Safety Glasses

I also found prescription ballistic safety glasses that are designed to provide impact protection beyond that of typical industrial safety glasses.  They are designed for members of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement that may encounter projectiles that travel at speeds far greater than your typical industrial debris

The United States Military has implemented a series of tests that ballistic safety glasses, sunglasses and goggles worn by the military have to pass.  These tests subject eyewear to projectile impacts over four times the velocity (650 fps +/- 10 fps) of normal ANSI testing standards (150 fps). Ballistic safety glasses, ballistic sunglasses and ballistic goggles sold to the military should meet the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010 for high impact, and also meet or exceed one or more of the following ballistic standards: MIL-PRF-31013, MIL-V-43511C, and CE EN166B.  If you buy a pair check to make sure they meet these standards.

I have not recommended a company because I have had no personal dealings with any of them.  My suggestion is that you research both sports eyeglasses and ballistic safety glasses and see what is available that fits your requirements.  You may also talk to your own optometrist for suggestions.  If anyone has experience good or bad with any of these companies please share it in the comments section.

Depending on how bad your sight is you may be able to get by relatively inexpensively.  If you have poor eyesight this may be your most valuable piece of equipment.  Get the best you can afford.



3 thoughts on “Sports and Ballistic Safety Glasses for Preppers.”

  1. I would recommend avoiding general “safety” or “sports” glasses. Look for the US Military “Approved Eyewear List” or APEL. This will list many models of eyewear that are ballistically rated. If it’s rated for a shotgun blast, it will do well for anything else, whereas sports glasses are not always as robust as you would expect.

    Also, thing about spending a few dollars for a decent glasses case. Don’t ruin your lenses or frames because you keep throwing them in a pocket or pack without a case.

  2. contacts. keep em on hand even if you hate em.

    air optics monthlies have a nice way of a) lasting half a year or more without getting effed up, and only losing maybe 10-20% efficacy and still surpassing big prescription “aviators” for side vision (clean) and better overall vision after they catch the tiniest scratch or smudge or speck of dust
    b) being continuously wearable, not removing em for sleep, for 1 to 4+ weeks (start needing a couple daily drops of “tears” type lubricating eyedrops after 7-10 days or REM sleep will eventually muck em up)

    guys who NEED glasses have a way of dying first, in the exact same way, in any mess… ww2 got my grandma’s brother on day 1 of deployment like that.

    unless youve got goggle style unbreakable glasses with elastic so tight it could cause headaches, you WILL drop glasses hundreds of times more often than blink out/dislodge a contact… i know. i got sensitive eyes and wear polarized sun shades daytime or night driving yellow glare filter glasses daily and drop em daily, but only ever dislodge a contact like once a year

    if your experience with em sucked, you got the wrong size. oh and contrary to commonly held opinion acuvues suck and disposable dailies of any kind are WAY rougher than good air optics monthlies and more likely to break within their day than air optics are exceeding their rated wear length by 5-10x (during which months theyd rarely be removed or rinsed more than twice a month and usually slept in)

    PS armies only discourage or disallow them out of conservatism and to avoid liability. the true policy, like with DMV, seems to be “feel free to wear em so long as you manage to keep it to yourself…we’ll only notice if you have issues with em anyway, and that way we can forbid em easily if they aint working for you and causing other people potential trouble”

    1. The US Army doesn’t discourage using contacts out of conservativism and to avoid liability. The do not allow them in forward opperating theaters because contact lenses can cause debilitating eye injuries when coming in contact with airborne gasses such as CS gas. I’ve seen contact lenses do this to a soldier in my unit who thought he was to cool for the standard issue glasses.

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