Staying in Good Physical Condition

I have a confession to make the last couple of years; I have let myself gain a bit of weight.  Now I have to take it off and that is not easy.  The older I get the more important it is to stay in shape.  In less than two months, I will be 70 years old.

So how am I going to loss this weight?  Number one I went on weight watchers, which seems to work for me.  But second and most important I am making myself get some exercise.  Near where I live, there are some great hiking trails in the mountains.  So four days a week I am getting in some mileage.

Now I am about 30 pounds overweight, so I should be able to lose that in about 3 months without any problems.  The main exercise I do is walking and carrying a small pack mainly water.  In the summer, it often gets over a 100 in the canyons.  I have lived here for many years and have spent a get deal of time hiking in the mountains.

There are a few simple rules I have learned

  • Always have plenty of water and a means to treat more.
  • In hot weather wear good headgear and watch out for heat related illness, like heat or sunstroke.
  • In the winter always dress appropriately for the weather and be ready for unexpected changes.
  • Push yourself, but know your limits. If you haven’t exercised in a while it may feel impossible but keep going; however, don’t overdo it.  A doctor friend told me that a good rule of thumb for someone in my age group is that if you get too short winded to hold a conversation slow down.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself and don’t get discouraged if you feel that you cannot perform as well as you’d like to.  If you are constantly working out, you will gradually see and feel changes over time, but it won’t happen overnight.
  • Stay on track.  If you get distracted and forget to exercise one day, just make sure you do it the next day.  The same thing if you pig out one day at a party, just continue eating well the next day.
  • Be careful about over training: it can be more damaging than too little exercise.  Pushing your body too hard can cause debilitating muscle damage.
  • Keep a calendar of the distances you have hiked, this helps you to see your progress.

With a bit of determination you can lose weight and get in good physical shape.


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