Stress and Family Care Can be a Major Problem


The stress in preparing for an emergency is bad enough, but until you are actually in that situation you will not know how much it will impact your plans. All your planning and preparing is only half of what will happen if you are taking care of elderly parents, a sick child or someone with special needs. That includes a disease, like heart problems, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and numerous other diseases that are out there. This also puts a lot of stress on your husband and children, plus the person who is sick

There is no way of fully preparing for something like this. I have been taking care of my in-laws for several years now and since they have reached the age of 90 and 91 we have had several emergencies. You just finish with one problem and doctor visits and another one pops up. It’s a constant vigil to keep everything running smoothly and keeping them comfortable. And this is in their home.

So what can be done for them? First of all make sure that you have all the equipment you may need to transport them to safety if need be. There may be many that can’t be moved so you shelter in place. No stress there right? The family or caregivers may not look like they are under stress, but it only takes one situation where it becomes too much and they snap.

So what I am trying to say is families and caregivers take some time and reevaluate the situation and plan as much as you can and pray that it works. Keep extra blankets, (wool ones if possible) extra flannel pajamas, even flannel sheets, elderly people get cold even in the summer. Wheel chairs and walkers, commodes, bed pans and even stock up on depends (adult diapers) and baby wipes. There will be many different things needed for whatever your problem or disease may be, but think ahead and try to be prepared.

I have found many things that we will have to stock, because when we planned our preps, the in-laws where not in the same condition they are now. The electric wheelchair and van are out, no electricity for heat, (we do have a wood burning stove) and a well for water but it really made me think of what we are really going to have to do to keep them comfortable. It only takes one emergency and you find all the holes in your plans.

I sincerely hope that this will get some of you thinking about this situation and not only for family, but yourselves as well. We can all hope we will be healthy and strong to ride out the emergency but when something happens and it will, we don’t know what kind of shape we will be in. Plan now and we may have a chance.

Preparedness Mom

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  1. Art says:

    You may want to consider Sams Club Simply Right Brand Adult Disposable Wash clothes. We get Depends for $2 a package at the thrift store. If you have a thrift store near a large retirement or nursing home facility you may find a lot of items you can use at very reasonable cost. Most thrift stores suppost charities so shopping there helps your community.

  2. Prepardness Mom says:

    Thank you, your right. I have seen them and other equipment at thrift shops that family give away just to get rid of it.

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