Weaning Yourself Off Junk Food

junk foodWell I hate to admit it, but I like junk food and it is becoming a problem, I got on the scales this morning.  Candy, cookies and pies are my weakness and I need to lose weight and get off them immediately.  Now I know that sugar is not good for me and that I like it too much. So how do I get off it?

The first thing I did is tell my wife to quite bringing junk food home; I find that if it is not around I find something else to eat.  If my only choices are healthy foods I will eat them, carrots make a good substitute for me.

Now avoiding sugar is not as easy as it sounds, sugar or one of its substitutes are all over the place. Read food labels and look not only for the word sugar, but also for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrates, molasses and agave syrup.  Sugar is not only present in candy, desserts and sugary drinks, but is added in almost everything.  Get rid of all these sugar-containing foods.

Now for me I will go cold turkey and just quite eating the things that are bad for me.  At the same time, I will reduce my portions.  For the first few days, I will be a grouchy old bear to be around, but after that my system will adjust.

My wife loves to cook this is a two edged sword, because I love her cooking and eat too much.  So one of the first things that we will do is to make our favorite dishes healthier by reducing sugar, salt and fats.  For instance taking the skin of chicken greatly reduces the fat and calories.

When you want something sweet, go for fruit or carrot sticks instead.  Take your time when you eat, chew your foods.  Don’t eat in front of the TV.  You will eat more and enjoy it less, because you are distracted.  Eat your meals on a regular schedule and cut out the late night snakes.

Drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise.  Getting junk foods out of our diet will keep you healthier and better prepared to face the TEOTWAWKI.


P.S. Now only if he would take his own advise, am waiting to see.

Preparedness Mom

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  1. You go, Howard! Lena and I did the same thing over a year ago now! Now we do big hikes, long bike rides, and I now snowboard in the winter like a guy twenty years younger! You may not be into snowboarding or any of that other silly stuff, but for me, simply not needing a CPAP machine to sleep, which is where I was headed, was reason enough to do what you are doing. Lena and I have now coached 16 people as Take Shape For Life Health Coaches in the last year. If a program like that is not for you, and you like interesting reading I highly suggest two books. The first is “The Willpower Instinct”, by Dr. Kelly McGonnigal and the second, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. These books don’t really have anything to do with diet, but are great, and in my mind entertaining, reads. If you are interested in more health focused reading “Dr. A’s Habits of Health” is a great step by step book on doing exactly what you said in your post, with more of the physiological side as well as a motivational guide to just getting it done. You can do it on your own through the hard times if you keep a clear picture in your mind of what you are going to do with your improved health. Healthy friends (and spouse) are a HUGE help, too. I’m looking forward to hearing of your success!! Keep up the great preparedness advice too. It’s good to know where I can turn for answers.


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