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prescription medications

The other day I wrote a post on So You Need Prescription Medications, this article covered acquiring your necessary medications for after TEOTWAWKI.  In the post, I mentioned that my daughter has been buying her asthma medication from overseas and saving a lot of money.

Several people have asked for the name of the website where she purchases them.  The company that she deals with is .  She has had good luck purchasing from them.  I have never dealt with them.  I have been able to get the medications that I need locally with the exception of the antibiotics for my fish.

I get them from Camping Survival or who sells medications manufactured by Thomas Labs.  This is a brand that I prefer.

A word of warning, never attempt to purchase any type of prescription medications that will violate any of the laws covering narcotics or other dangerous substances.  Don’t risk getting yourself into trouble with the law.

As with anything you purchase use some common sense, even through my daughter has been getting medications from them, be careful.  You are still dealing with an overseas company.  My daughter keeps a separate credit card with a low credit line to use for these types of transactions.


4 thoughts on “More on, So You Need Prescription Medications”

  1. asthma medications list

    Prescription is very important specially when your buying drugs that can be addicted by people.

  2. Shirley Toney

    I bought some medicine from one of these companies and it turned out they weren’t the real thing at all. Have your daughter to try some of the medicine she bought to see if it really works. This company may be better than the meds I bought from Canada.

    1. She uses it everyday and would know very quickly if it failed to work. But you are right you need to be careful.

  3. When I was in a terrible bind financially, I would call my daughter in NYC and tell her what antibiotic I needed. I could not afford to go to any doctor. She would call her father who lives right across the border of Mexico. He would overnight it to her, and she would FedEx it overnight to me, using her husband’s FedEx account. In three days, I would have meds. No, he father did not know it was for me.

    She asked her doctor if these meds were safe. He said probably, but not to give them to her toddler. She and her husband had him send them antibiotics, also. They had insurance with a small copay, but they did not want to go to the doctor.

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