Nuclear Reactors and Materials are Vulnerable to Attack

nuclear reactorsOne of my biggest concerns resulting from the recent terrorist attacks made by Isis in Europe is that they had been doing surveillance on nuclear power facilities.  An attack on nuclear reactors could result in major casualties and widespread decontamination.  If they are working on this in Europe, I am reasonably sure they will also be working on it in this country.

The first thing that I did was to spend some time doing research on the location of nuclear reactors and other nuclear materials.  I found a website put up by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission  that has a good map showing the location of all the nuclear power plants in the US.   Now at first glance this makes a lot of the US safe from potential problems.  However as you do further research in their site you find another page that lists all the nuclear materials and reactors by state.  This shows many sites that are not on the first map.

Check these maps and see what is located near you.  I found a small one I did not know about that is only about 50 miles as the crow flies from my house.  Once you know where they are located, this should help you to plan your evacuation routes in case of a terrorist attack.

Plan your evacuation routes to take you to spots that are upwind from any potential sites if possible.  You may also want to consider making a go bag for nuclear emergencies.  This would contain items that would help you to survive this type of threat.  In tomorrow’s blog, I will post an article on what nuclear go bag should contain.  In the meantime, here are a couple of links you may want to study.

There is some good information in them that help you in an emergency.




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