Protecting Yourself in Case the North Korean Detonate a Nuclear Device

With the new leader of North Korea making threats against the U.S. in such a reckless manner, I think we may have to start to take him seriously.  While he may not have many nuclear devices and his missile capability may be somewhat limited, he might still have a surprise for us.  For instance, a ship launched missile to create a high altitude nuclear explosion over the central United States.  This could cause an electromagnetic pulse that would knock out power over most of this country.

If he should set off any nuclear explosions near or over the Alaska, Hawaii or the continental United States there could be problems with radioactive fallout.  I feel this is a good time to review some facts that could save your life.  Here is a list of previous blogs I have written on this subject.  You may want to review them.  Also think about putting any critical electronics into Faraday Cages.

Rules on Nuclear Fallout

Protect Factors in Nuclear Emergency

When to start taking potassium Iodide in a Nuclear Emergency

What is EMP

Protecting Electronics with Faraday Cages

More on EMP

Hope this information helps you, if you have a copy of the book Nuclear Warfare Survival Skills, you may want to reread it.


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3 Responses to Protecting Yourself in Case the North Korean Detonate a Nuclear Device

  1. Security Guy says:

    When I was stationed in South Korea it was common knowledge among the troops that the North had around 5 nukes that were given to them by the USSR before they collapsed. They were part of our division level exercises, but as soon as the exercise was over we were told to forget about their existence. The DPRK has also had missile technology capable of hitting the west coast USA since the early 1990s. I just shake my head whenever I hear the “experts” talk on the news about how they don’t have these capabilities but they will soon and we must do something about it.

  2. DHConner says:

    There will not be one. Just a childish mind in a childish body screaming and ranting because North Korea is worse off than it has ever been, and there is nothing in the system that can fix it. So rant and rave and make a lot of nonsensical threats like Daddy did and I’ll get my way too. In a pig’s eye! If he keeps it up the generals may decide to shoot him and take over themselves. After all, they are not stupid, and they know what an all-out war means for North Korea: total annihilation, and what would look like a big glass parking lot. But then too, we might just sever the head from the rest of the snake, so to say. In any case, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  3. Security Guy says:

    I have a feeling that “little Kim” Jong Un is trying to keep the military busy so they won’t rise up and depose him. Compared to his father and grandfather he is a weakling. His grandpa fought the japs in a guerrilla war when they occupied Korea. His daddy made a name for himself in intelligence planning and leading attacks against the west. This kid did what….. he went to school in Switzerland and that seems about all. I’ve been hearing that even the troops on the DMZ are starving now. That is big news because they always used to get the best the North had to issue for supplies. The only way “little Kim” can stay in power is if he goes to war, if he doesn’t he’ll be swinging from the gallows in front of his dad’s statue in Pyongyang. Reportedly the only meat you can find in the capital in butcher shops is “long pork” (human). The DPRK is a powder keg that is ready to blow, it won’t be a collapse like the USSR.

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