Old-Time Tips

Our ancestors knew a lot about survival and being prepared that we don’t. A lot of that knowledge has been long-forgotten. On this blog, however, you’ll find a wealth of information from the days of the pioneers and the Great Depression — things you should study and learn. Here’s a helpful guide to find what you need.

Food and Food Storage

5 Pioneeer Recipes Our Ancestors Made

Baking Wheat Bread Without Modern Stoves

Brining Meats for Long-Term Storage

Confederate Recipes from 1863: Preserving Meat Without Salt

Corn Pone: A Pioneer Staple

Desiccated Vegetables As Used in the Civil War

Faux Recipes to Help Make Hard Times Easier

Food Rationing During World War 2

Foods Used by Travelers on the Oregon Trail

How to Dry and Smoke Meat and Fish for Storage

Johnnycake, A Simple Cornmeal Flatbread is Easy to Make

Making Jerky Under Primitive Conditions

Making Scrapple and Sausage

Meatless Recipes for Hard Times

Pemmican and How to Make It the Traditional Way

Pioneer Cooking is an Art

Pioneer Cooking Methods & Recipes Can Help You Use Your Food Storage

Pioneer Recipes & Cooking: Why We Should Learn From Them

Portable Soups As Carried by Lewis and Clark

Rationing in England and How They Lived With It

Recipes Made With Civil War Army Rations

Salting Fish for Storage

Some Good Old-Fashioned Bread Recipes

Wartime and Depression Recipes 

Wartime Recipes to Help You Survive TEOTWAWKI


A Homemade Herbal Salve for Treating Minor Injuries

Common Water-Borne Diseases and How to Treat Them Without Modern Medicine

Dakin’s Solution for the Treatment of Wounds

Dealing With Cholera and Diarrhea When Medical Care Is Not Available

Gentian Violet, a Good Medication for Preppers to Stock

How to Avoid or Treat Dysentery Under Primitive Conditions

Soap Plants Can Be a Great Aid to Hygiene to TEOTWAWKI

Spider Webs Can be Used to Treat Wounds

Sugardine, a Great Homemade Antiseptic

Home & Shelter

12 Tips for Designing a Weather-Advantaged Home

A Good List of Hand Tools You Need to Work Without Electricity

An Old Fashioned Laundry Manual

Camp Kitchens Used by the Pioneers Are Still Practical

Farm Bells as a Means of Communications

Fireless Cooking, Also Known as the Wonder Box

How Do You Wash Clothes Without Water?

How to Maintain Your Kerosene Lamps and Improvise Wicks

How to Stay Cool Without Electricity

Keep Your Food Cold With an Iceless Refrigerator

Making Tallow Candles

Old Fashioned Kitchen Tricks

Washing Clothes by Hand


Cutting Firewood Without Power Tools

Finding Direction by the North Star

How to Replace an Ax Handle

Using the Shadow Method for Finding Directions

Weather Prediction for Preppers Using Nature Signs


4 Ways to Get Water From Your Well When the Power Fails

Dog Powered Well Pump

The Rock Boil



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