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Early this week I watched Doomsday Preppers.  Watching one of the segments, I saw enough that with a few minutes on the computer I was able to identify the prepper’s location.  He lives about 2 hours from me.  So much for opsec, they left a sign in the picture that gave his location away.  I have a real problem with these shows and the way in which they make us look.  I realize that a lot of the idiocy is caused by the television editing.  Now I see the new show Doomsday Bunkers and there is a proposal being floated for another one.

I understand that some people go on the show with the good intention of helping others for their 15 minutes of fame.  In my own case, I have largely blown my own opsec by writing two books and this blog.  This is something that I chose to do to try to help others.  But I will not let someone else control the way my information comes out.  Whatever image I create for good or bad is mine not that of a liberal television editor.

If you choose to help others and want to help educate people, I think that is great, but maintain control of your own message.  With U-tube, blogs and books there are many better choices than the liberal television media.



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8 Responses to Doomsday Preppers and Other Shows

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I’m so mad over these shows, these newbies who should be listening not showing, these off the wall commentators and the largley junk messages it is portraying. I know some were well meaning but the 5 minutes of fame and allowing yourself to be put in this predicament for “reality” tv, why? If you are true then you would never bust OPSEC like this, its almost rule #1. I’m going to leave individual commentary out on here becasue I’ve done enough already other places. It’s sad to see such good things look idiotic.

  2. Security Guy says:

    Remember, that everyone that makes a video, article, website, or any comment about prepping/survivalist/self-reliance gets looked at by law enforcement (mostly federal level). For most it ends there, no further look. For some they stay on the radar. Regardless your info stays in a database somewhere for if needed in the future. As for that future use, your guess is as good as mine.

    So be very careful what you reveal or say. Because there is no telling who is listening and taking notes. I have heard it said that if TSHTF, then all the YouTube preppers will end up dead one way or another (this is from comments on their videos). It doesn’t take much to give away who you really are and where you live. With Bin Laden’s videos they were analyzing the rocks, vegetation, and terrain to narrow down the general location it was made at. With that they could say he was in X district and this valley at the time. That is why in later videos he did them inside buildings or at least in front of bed sheets. Later just audio, which can still be analyzed for intel to narrow down location.

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      LOL Let them look, they will be bored pretty quick. My preps dont involve a things that are considered threats. The world provides more than enough threats to keep LEOs busy without worrying about a bunch of skill driven semi hoarders.

  3. Security Guy says:

    I’ll fill people in on something a buddy told me once. I will leave out identifying details which I will explain why afterwards. Not long after I retired from the military I was talking to one of my buddies. They mentioned they were in the DC area previously for a conference or meeting. While there in DC they meet a federal law enforcement officer and they started to talk. My buddy brought up militias, survivalists, and some websites and forums we had looked at (part of the job as intel supervisor for the unit). When my buddy gave the names of some of the websites the LEO started to laugh and said they had started some of them. My buddy asked for clarification on that. The LEO said they had started certain websites (ones my buddy named) for information purposes. To find out who was interested in this info, as much info as they could learn about the person, and their threat assessment. They would be classified as a potential threat, potential asset, or neutral (or whatever term they use). My buddy wanted more info but was told they couldn’t give any more than that and could get into trouble just for saying that much. These were not all extremist websites some of them were survivalist/prepping websites. Months after that meeting my buddy mentioned the info to me so I would be aware of it. I slowly left the forums mentioned so not raise too many questions.

    If anyone asks me for details I will NOT give any and here is why:
    1) I check those websites every few months to see if they are still active. Which for the most case they are, so the operation is probably still on going. I do not know the name of the operation or it’s codename and I do not want to. I am not going to mention the names of the websites because I do not want a member of one of the alphabet agencies knocking on my door saying I am interfering with an operation that falls under national security.
    2) I was not given the name of the LEO or the alphabet agency they belong too. If I said the name of either I don’t doubt that agency would then slowly figure out who it was that said this and that LEO would get into serious trouble.
    3) My buddy told me this after I was out, but my security clearance was still active. However, if you have ever held a security clearance you know there are 2 qualifications to learn anything. You have to have the correct level clearance and the need to know. Since I was out then technically I did not have the need to know. I will not even give the gender of my buddy so they hopefully won’t get into trouble.

    So be careful what you say on forums, chat rooms, and blogs because you do not know who is watching and why. And always follow the law. If you are in a chat room or forum and someone brings up something like bomb making or starting some resistance group, just leave. Don’t even give a reason for leaving just leave. Most likely (9 out of 10 times) the person bringing it up is working for an LEO, either as an informant or an agent. I was approached several times on those sites with that type of stuff. I would tell the person that is against the law and then left the conversation.

  4. A veteran who is preparing says:

    Rawles posted on Survivalblog a couple days ago that he found out the FBI was tagging some of the people visiting his website. So does anyone still think with all this coming out that they don’t have people or time to follow semi skilled hoarders?

  5. Robert says:


    Courtney and I received an email from Kylie at National Geographic asking us to fill out a questionnaire because they are casting for season two of Doomsday Preppers. They found our blog and said they would like to hear our story. We deleted the email. We don’t have TV and so I haven’t seen that show, but I’ve heard about what a joke it is and how they edit things to portray anyone who is of the prepper mindset in a negative light. I encourage others to do the same – steer clear!


  6. surv says:

    It’s ok you all fail every single one of you has blown your cover. That’s all

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