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Grey Man, Should you Be One?

Yesterday I wrote about 12 rules you can use to preserve your operational secrecy or being a grey man.  Today I wanted to talk about whether or not you should be a grey man.  First, what is a grey man, The Grey Man is always invisible in plain sight.  He is the person who can blend in to any scene or situation without standing out, hiding his skills and qualities.

Now should we all become total grey men, my answer to this is no.  I for one have chosen not to be one, just by virtue of writing this blog and my books.  The same with some of the better politicians (I am not going to name any, I don’t want to get that fight started) who have chosen to stand up for our rights.

The pros of being a grey man are that your chances of being a survivor increase.  If you can follow all the rules of yesterday’s post 12 Rules to Maintain Operational Secrecy or Be a Grey Man you will be able to hide from the public and maybe the government.

The con to being a grey man is that you are not part of the fight.  You have limited your ability to speak out and defend your rights.  This is what I would find hard to do.

For some people because of their employment or other situations, they may be well justified in making this decision.  This often particularly applies to younger people.

Now I content that most of us should be partial grey man.  This means that you don’t attract your neighbors and acquaintances attention as a prepper..  Don’t make threats or stupid statements and obey the law.  But at the same time speak out on issues that concern you in a rational manner.

Personally, I am a strong believer in the constitution and the rights given to us under it.  I don’t believe that we should tuck our tail between our legs and slink away to hide under the bed like a naughty puppy, to paraphrase Hangtown Frank.

Today my picture is in the local newspaper in a section that they ran on emergency preparedness.  This is an issue about which I chose to speak.  If we were all to go total grey man we have withdrawn from the field of battle and conceded the issues. Stand up for what you believe in but pick your battles and their time and place.


7 thoughts on “Grey Man, Should you Be One?”

  1. … and Howard, I am so grateful that you do speak out, that you teach others to prepare, to be responsible and make suggestions from which we all can profit. Thank you.

  2. Being a grey man may increase your chances of survival in a huge variety of situations, but also hinder survival in a huge variety of others. I see the biggest reason for being a grey man is that it maintains options. It’s possible (though not necessarily easy) to stand out and stand up if needed later, but it’s practically impossible for a highly visible, outspoken person to later decide to become a grey man.

  3. Howard, please re-write this statement as I don’t think you mean it this way: “Personally, I am a strong believer in the constitution and the rights given to us under it.”

    Our rights are not “given” by the constitution. They are only protected by it because they are given to us by God (or they are birth rights if you so choose that terminology).


  4. conneticut is the stage where we will see whether govt or the constitution still rules our lives. make no mistake, gun owners in that state will soon know the meaning of govt intrusion in a very up close and personal way. many will die and thousands will be imprisoned. the gov of the state has requested federal aid for the coming roundup and my sources tell me he is being given everything he asks for. aside from this he has also acquired the help of one george soros and michael bloomburg. among the help they are providing are several members of a group once known as blackwater. both men are known to recruit from this group for their personal bodyguards. thanks to tsa moble vans and dhs drones the chance of being a true grey man are slim to none.

  5. Being grey should mean that you are not preceived as a threat by the gov’ but a reminder that they always need to proceed with caution.

  6. Anyone remember the 1984 movie “Red Dawn,” when the boys visit Mr. Mason’s farmhouse? The Masons were grey people, and the Russians did not know or care about them or their homestead farm. The Masons used their greyness to become a safe house, and multiple safe houses become an underground railroad that can move people, provisions and equipment. With a little imagination, we can all think of other service that grey people can perform.

    It’s good to be Grey.

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