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Intelligence Sources and How to Evaluate them.

This morning I received an interesting article that explains the difference between white, grey and black intelligence sources.  White sources and black sources are fairly easy to understand, but grey sources are much more complicated.  They appear in the media everyday in one form or another.

Governments, politicians, intelligence agencies and various other lobbying groups leak grey information on a regular basis.  They do this to make a lie the truth.

What is “gray intel” or “vague sourcing?”

Many professional level intelligence sources are accessible to non-government users such as multi-national corporations, private security firms, banks, or even you and me, as “non-government end users.”  (For example Stratfor).  Government agencies routinely scrub these “open” sources for information just like we all do.  Websites and broadcast media, newspapers from around the globe are “sourced” every single day of the year.

A public library or the Wall Street Journal are “white” source or “open” sources.

A “black” source or “closed” source is typically imagery or signals analysis obtained via a spy satellite or eavesdropping, often obtained through a reliable private-contracted security agency.   Private security firms operating under contract to the US, who sell their products to Uncle Sam, and ONLY to Uncle Sam, are still a “black” source.  Every day tidbits of intel find their way into our allies and enemies newspapers and websites alike, so that they can add credibility to a concocted story which is then gleaned, picked up and repeated world-wide so that the lie becomes accepted as fact.

Our enemies who are really good at “the game” can and do intentionally “seed Intel” (disinformation) to influence the world news network.  A good example is the recent Russian nuclear tsunami torpedo story that was “leaked” by Pravda and RT. It may be that the story was true, but most likely was intentionally leaked by the Russian government as saber rattling to influence President Obama’s daily intel brief.

Then there is “vague sourcing” or “grey intel.”  This is information from sources that distribute factual information or intentional disinformation which is presented as factual information, to embarrass or influence the enemy.  This will look to be professionally reported on, except for specific items within the item supporting the story which use “vague sourcing .”  For example, Mother Earth News is a “moderate grey” source. Most of their information is factual.  How to build a windmill or how to install solar panels.  But many of their supporting articles which are targeted to influence a particular AGENDA use “vague sourcing” to support their expressed view on any given subject.

Many “grey sources” are on “our side,” think like us and want the same outcome as we do. But the problem for the uneducated reader is that they purposefully build their articles upon vague sources to support their particular AGENDA.  Natural News is another one of those grey sources.  They aren’t even moderately grey, they are extremely grey.

So, be wary of grey or vague sources of information. They make their money cranking up their base reader.  We all have a little tin foil hat in us, because we don’t trust the government, which can be a good thing.  We have a duty to God and country to stay grounded enough to be a reliable and functional.  So be ever vigilant, seek the truth, denounce the lies, keep the faith, and whenever possible go out there boldly step on the serpent’s head!


When you are reading information from grey intelligence sources, take a bit of time to evaluate them.  Ask yourself the following questions, is it logical, has this source been correct in the past.  I see some sources that are wrong more times that they are right.  What agenda does the source have?  What country does it come from? Can you verify it?  Don’t take intelligence sources at face value.

Because of the internet it is much easier to spread lies that at any other time in history.  Be careful of what you believe and share.


1 thought on “Intelligence Sources and How to Evaluate them.”

  1. An excellent example of “gray” sourcing appeared on the internet today, purporting to be a real ABC news story, however, if you examine the URL the extra .co after the is a dead giveaway of a “spoof” website.

    This FAKE news item was being presented as real news, but if you go to the REAL ABC web site you won’t find it. The FAKE story is being put out by the website “ABCNEWS.COM.CO”, but before you put on your BDU’s and load up the your 4×4 and head off to pick up the rest of your militia squad and go to lay siege to Washington, relax. Oh the story is very well written and it sounds just like something that the NRA fears that Obama would do, but the story is completely false. This is not ABC News, it is a spoof site, a very convincing spoof site, but NOT real.


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