Meeting Other Preppers Can Be a Problem

Meeting other preppers

An LDS Preparedness Fair

I have recently been asked about meeting other preppers and what the problems are.  As you may have read in previous posts, I do attend meetings in this area.  Many of them have been organized as preparedness fairs or solar events by the LDS Church (Mormon).  I have never had a problem at any of these events.  I have attended Preparedness Expos and they have been fine.  At these meeting you can blend into the crowd and maintain some degree of anonymity.  At the LDS fairs you cannot purchase items, but they will direct you where to get them.  At other events carry cash.

Meeting Other Preppers, can be a problem

Where I have had a problem, is meeting with individuals.  I am very slow to trust, I believe that trust has to be  earned.  Even though we write this blog and teach classes, we still do not share everything with everybody.  Many people that I have encountered want way too much information and talk too much.  If you are meeting other preppers for the first time, get to know them before you share more than minimal information.

Meeting other preppers

Another view of a LDS Preparedness Fair

Beware of people who talk too much, if they tell you everything right away they will tell others.  Keep your Secrets Secret.  More on operational Secrecy and Federal Spying. If their primary interest is in weapons and they talk violence, don’t walk away, run.  You can end up in trouble without having done anything or they may be a troll.  Now, I am not saying that you should not own a firearm, because I believe that you should own one, if the law permits it and you should have the ability to defend yourself.

If you wish to form a group, look towards family or people you have known for a long time.  You want people who have earned your trust.  Avoid people who attract attention from law enforcement.  You don’t need somebody else’s problems.  I would avoid meeting other preppers through internet forums, you never know what their real objectives are.

meeting other preppers

LDS Preparedness Fair

The big things that seem to cause splits in groups is money, ideology or personality.  You need to discuss any money issues right at the start and get everybody on the same page.  As far as ideology is concerned, make sure your goals and objectives are the same.  That person you can get along with at an occasional meeting may drive you crazy on a weekend camp out.  Spend time with people and get to know them on a social basis. Will you trust them with the lives of your family?.


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3 Responses to Meeting Other Preppers Can Be a Problem

  1. DT says:

    If you start or join a group, make sure there is a vetting process and conduct review of the members periodically. Some people can put up a front for a while – as stated, trust should be earned. Conduct assessments of skills and willingness to contribute talents and time to the group. Hangers-on will deplete energy, resources, and goodwill.

  2. Grandma Kathy says:

    ‘Spend time with people and get to know them on a social basis. Will you trust them with the lives of your family?.’ That is until any kind of money is involved. From experience with people that I thought I knew very well, money trumps everything. A woman will betray her own sister for money.

  3. Art says:

    If you move to a small town be very careful of the locals. No one is what they seem to be in a small town and most are related (here down to the eighth cousin) Don’t trust people who live there simply because they moved from the same state you did, they will betray you for a favor from one of the local officials. Be prepared to go it alone and be very careful of the local law enforcement, Take Howards advice do not draw any attention to yourself, it does not pay and there is absolutely no one that will help you if they get it in for you. Accept things the way they are, stay to yourself but be outwardly friendly and absolutely don’t tell anyone you are prepping. I once stopped at a local gas station on the way home from the storehouse and had load of canned goods. The next day I saw some people I knew at Walmart and they asked me about why I was buying so much canned food. Word gets around very quickly.

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